Eppinger Fitness Specializes in Training People With Back Injuries

Personal training studio based in Lexington, MA helps everyday people with back injuries achieve their fitness goals.

Exercise is important in keeping the body healthy and fit. However, not everyone can perform the usual exercise routines often seen on the internet. People suffering from back pain or injuries need routines that will not aggravate or make the pain worse, but would also help strengthen their core. The best exercise would be routines specifically customized according to individuals’ fitness goals and strength. Eppinger Fitness is a facility that specializes in training people who are suffering from back and other injuries.

Based in Lexington, Massachusetts, Eppinger Fitness was founded by Andrew Eppinger. Inspired by his own chronic lower back pain and weight loss journey, Eppinger worked towards becoming a Certified Personal Trainer so he can help other people take charge of their health, feel better, and reach their fitness goals.

Having lived with chronic lower back pain in the past despite undergoing disc surgery, Eppinger can relate to everyday people who are going through the same pain. “I really enjoy working with injured people, especially those with bad backs because I consider them kindred spirits. Only someone else who has been through the same level of pain as you will truly know what you’re going through”, says the founder of Eppinger Fitness.

Losing weight is typically advised to people with back pain to help ease the strain on their spine. However, it is not an easy task, especially for those with injuries or more severe pain. Eppinger Fitness specializes in finding ways for people with injuries to work out in a safe manner. “A lot of people come to me to find a way to work out safely with an injury, whether it’s lower back pain, or a knee problem. I have worked with clients ages 10 to 95 to reach their individual fitness goals. I have also trained people from all branches of the military, especially as they prepare for their personal fitness tests,” says Eppinger.

They offer post-physical therapy injury rehabilitation, ​weight loss, strength training, functional movement, flexibility, pre/post natal exercise, lower back friendly workouts, low impact training and many others. Unlike the average gyms, Eppinger Fitness does not do group sessions. All of their sessions are done one-on-one in their completely private facility. Each client will be set up with a customized plan to address one’s unique needs and fitness goals. The facility is comfortable in training any body type and any injury. Clients can pay as they go, and even get a free pure protein shake after every session.

With the right trainer and the right workout tailor-made for one’s needs, anyone can reach their fitness goals and feel much better. For more information on Eppinger Fitness, visit http://www.eppingerfitness.com.

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