Theodor Domuta Giving Businesses Access to Capital Through Small Biz Fundings

Theodor Domuta Giving Businesses Access to Capital Through Small Biz Fundings

Access to capital is a significant problem facing entrepreneurs globally, not because of the lack of funds, but because the credit requirement in every country and banks has become so stringent that aspiring entrepreneurs almost can’t meet. Therefore, prematurely killing thousands of business ideas. But not to worry, Theodor Domuta is the man who saw this problem and has been making moves to fix it through his company, Small Biz Fundings.

Theodor Domuta is a New York City based entrepreneur and the founder of Small Biz Fundings. This credit facility helps entrepreneurs looking for capital and funds for expansion have access to credit even when the bank says no. Small Biz Fundings functions as a stop-gap between banks and their strict lending policy and intending businessmen and women to have access to funds to start up their businesses. Operating out of New York City, Small Biz Fundings offers unsecured business line of credit, term loans, short term loans, SBA loans, working capital, equipment financing, credit repair, commercial and residential real estate loans.

According to Theodor, he described Small Business Funding is a platform that says yes when the banks say no. He further explained that Small Biz Funding offers a one-stop business financing experience to help entrepreneurs fund their business needs.

On what motivated him to build his business, Theodor explains that having gone through many obstacles while finding funds to grow his business, he is happy to help businesses get the necessary funding and capital to grow and scale their business. He describes his target audience as business owners, CEOs, accountants, real estate investors, and business coaches.

On what separates Small Biz Fundings from its competition, Theodor said, “We guarantee to obtain the best funding. And we’ll even help you get multiple funding types to ensure you get the most capital to grow your business. Choose from Unsecured Loans, Lines of Credit, Revolving Lines of Credit, and more on approved credit.”

Theodor believes Small Biz Fundings is unique in not just the services they render but also the mode of operating and rendering these services. They are one of the few lenders who specializes in funding small business, especially those who have been turned away by the banks. He said, “We specialize in small business funding means we say “yes!” when the bank says no.”

In five years, Theodor sees himself and his company having multiple offices in as many states as possible throughout the country. And not just helping businesses with capital but also organizing educational workshops. Theodor would want readers to call in and book a free consultation session and see for themselves how Small Biz Fundings can help them or realize that despite all the disappointments and false starts (especially from the banks), there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel. The light which Small Biz Fundings represents.

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