Actor Karry Wang, make all preparations for the role

Karry Wang (Wang Junkai) won the first place in the just-concluded “Best Actor of 2020” selection.

Not long ago, in the drama “The Grand Mansion Gate”, the graduation performance of the Beijing Film Academy, Karry Wang played a role as a storyteller, his action was natural and his expression was vivid. Karry Wang, the boy from Chongqing, spoke with an accent when he had just arrived in Beijing, but after continuous improvement over the years, he has been able to completely get rid of the southern accent and speak a fluent and standard drama accent.

Storytellers walk all over the world with their insight and eloquent skills. In the drama, Karry Wang was dressed in a black gown with a casual split hairstyle under the dim yellow light, telling a story in a wordless book.

Last year, Karry Wang once sent a message to himself in an interview: “How are you? Is it going well? Or sometimes there are some difficult problems? I want you to chase the sun, hold on to what you’ve got and not get bogged down by the noise.” The sweet boy with his tiny canine teeth will always bring warm sunshine to people: “No matter what you’re trying to keep fighting for, one day I’ll find you, and you’ll tell me something new.”


For Karry Wang, an actor should prepare for whatever the role needs. Popularity should not be a constraint on an actor’s identity. Instead, use your own actions to prove that you can drive it. The best way to face doubts is to directly break the rumors. Karry Wang, who starred in “Bureau 749”, completely overturned our imagination. After training in the studio for nine months, he had never missed any high-risk action or overnight scenes. He took every shooting task very seriously and dedicatedly.

It is worthy for a teenager to do something in his early twenties that will still makes him smile when he is at the age of 80. This is talking about struggling young boys like Karry Wang, who lives up every footprint of youth and firmly goes on in his favorite way.

2021 is definitely a year full of surprises and highlights for Karry Wang. In the movies such as “1921”, “Bureau 749” and “731”, actor Karry Wang will perform attentively, and will definitely live up to every expectations!

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