The new M-Tray® is quicker and easier to install than ever before

The Wallbarn M-Tray® Instant Green Roof System is the most cost-effective system to install. With it being easy and quick to install, it reduces the manpower to install it and can even be installed by homeowners.

The Wallbarn M-Tray® Instant Green Roof System that Won Best Roofing System At 2020 Build It Awards, is now quicker and easier to install.

The Green roof system which consists of specially designed modular trays containing superior, engineered substrate and fully established flowering sedum, has become the quickest solution in providing a green roof.

As the video shows here,, the green roof system is easy to install. The module trays which are 500 x 500mm can be easily carried by one operative. With the trays being lightweight and only needing one person to carry them, it means the Wallbarn M-Tray® system is faster than traditional roll-out.

As well as being faster to install, the M-Tray® is more cost-effective to purchase and to be installed compared to other Green Roof systems. With the M-Tray® only needing one operative to carry each tray it also means the reduction of operatives needed to install. That means, when using an installation company, it will become more affordable to install. It also means thanks to the simplified process of installing the green roof system it can be done by homeowners themselves.

Since being launched, M-Tray® has not only received awards, but it has also received many positive reviews. Expert reviewers have commented how easy the trays connect to form a seamless green roof.

Once the trays are connected, the green roof starts to form. There is no indication that trays are being used to form a green roof. This is the quickest way to provide a homeowner with a green roof which can provide them many benefits which include lower energy bills.

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About Wallbarn

Wallbarn provides an industry-leading range of products for the construction industry. The South Croydon-based company has become a leading supplier of green roof systems.


Module measures 500 x 500 x 100mm

4 x units make up exactly 1sq metre making estimating far easier

Carefully spaced drainage holes ensure modules retain water for longer, allowing plants to absorb more rainfall, increasing attenuation and delaying discharge into outlets

The design ensures even greater water retention at the edges of the module, preventing sedum from dying back at the edges.

Stronger plant growth at the edges creates a more seamless layer of vegetation when the modules are connected

Four gently ridged handgrips are positioned to enable installers to carry each module easier

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