Spring Into Clean Announces Special COVID-19 Safety Measures for All its Bay Area Cleaning Services

Spring Into Clean Announces Special COVID-19 Safety Measures for All its Bay Area Cleaning Services
Like all Bay Area Cleaning Services being allowed to open up, Spring Into Clean has announced special COVID-19 safety features, including wearing protective equipment and daily health checks for their staff.

The leading Bay Area cleaning services provider, Spring Into Clean, has announced several special measures to ensure that everyone remains protected during the pandemic. The company’s new special measures include making it mandatory for all cleaning staff to wear protective equipment, daily health checks, observing the required social distancing protocols, the use of CDC and EPA approved cleaning products. The company has also said that employees are entitled to a more generous leave policy if they aren’t feeling well. 

The COVID-19 pandemic across the country has led to shutdowns of hotels, restaurants, and many other businesses. However, cleaning services continue to operate in the Bay Area. That said, many cleaning services in Oakland are taking the required precautionary measures to protect their staff. The measures or protocols as they are called include frequent health checks for employees and contact tracing. The steps, according to businesses, make it very safe for both employees and clients alike. 

“Our clients can be assured that their spaces will remain safe thanks to the measures we are taking.” said one of the representatives for the company. 

Readers can find out more about the company’s latest COVID-19 safety measures by visiting https://www.springintoclean.com

“We are making sure that all our housekeeping staff wears disposable gloves, use hand sanitizer at all times, and wear face masks. Besides, our housekeeping staff will keep their distance from you. Regular temperature checks and other additional regular health checks ensure that our employees are safe from those who might be infected. If someone is found to be infected, they are instantly put on leave until fully recovered.” Said a spokesperson for Spring Into Clean. 

She added, “We hope that these measures will help keep everyone working for us and those we work for, i.e., our clients protected. We take the health of our employees very seriously, and these measures are meant to protect them. We are also investing in extra training on matters of cross-contamination and infection control. The training is helping our staff cope with and understand the spread of COVID-19 infection.” 

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The company provides expert cleaning services to home and business owners across the Bay Area. Spring Into Clean has some of the most experienced professionals, whose work the company backs with a guarantee. The company’s excellent customer service allows individuals and businesses to easily schedule cleaning or register their feedback, which has made Spring Into Clean one of the leading housekeeping services in the city.

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