Shenhai Education is invited to land on NASDAQ screen again, showing the strength and influence of Chinese vocational education to the world

At 14:15 on January 16 2021 (New York time), at 3:15 on January 17 2021 (Beijing time), Shenhai Education, a well-known online vocational education platform in China is listed on NASDAQ screen in New York’s Times Square again. It has been less than two years since the last enrollment breaks the node of one million. With the continuous improvement of the curriculum and service system, Shenhai Education has realized a exponential growth of online students, and exceeded the five millions mark recently.

Times Square in New York is called “the Crossroads of the World”. The large NASDAQ screen in the center is praised as “the First Screen in the World”. Alibaba, Baidu, JD and other famous Chinese enterprises have stepped onto the world stage and displayed their corporate style on the big screen of NASDAQ. This is a glorious testament to the best brands in the world, and an outstanding manifestation of the influence of excellent brands.

At that time, Shenhai Education, as a new force in Chinese online vocational education, began to emerge in this industry. The traditional business model of cooperative training with large state-owned enterprises has laid a solid foundation for Shenhai Education in the field of vocational education. The innovative development concept of “Technology changes education and makes learning easier” is helpful for Shenhai Education in the process of growing fast with the Times. Therefore, it has truly realized the initial aspiration of education for the general public and the achievement of every employment ideal.

In 2020, in the face of various opportunities and challenges from the environment and social students, Shenhai Education adjusted its development strategy in time. Personalized service based on efficient online education platform is regarded as an important content of the service upgrade. By constantly improving the comprehensive quality of the service team and establishing a strict risk control system, the fundamental rights and interests of the students were protected. All these actions have promoted the transition of the enterprise from “product-oriented” to “service-oriented”, completing the comprehensive upgrade of the service system.

Hence,the second international appearance of Shenhai Education is in a special context. It will not only show the style and confidence of Chinese leading brand of vocational education to the world, but also be an important milestone in the rapid growth for Shenhai Education. It also means a greater responsibility and mission for our enterprise.

“Enhance the employability of the public and make vocational education serve the national economy better” is a long and arduous journey. The choice of vocational education is a lifelong undertaking for social enterprises. In the critical period of domestic industrial upgrading and market economy transformation, Shenhai Education is determined to focus on improving the level of professional construction, by deeply integrating the development of vocational education with the layout of modern industries. When building the core competitiveness of our enterprise, the strong talent support for industrial upgrading and social progress is also provided. Shenhai Education will actively fulfill the social responsibility of the education enterprise, and contribute to the construction of a lifelong learning society and social welfare undertakings.

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