RIZE Press Celebrates Inclusive Writers and Stories

RIZE Press Celebrates Inclusive Writers and Stories

RIZE Press, a subsidiary of Running Wild LLC, is taking a look at the bigger picture when it comes to writing stories and character representation. Today, the literary world barely pays serious attention to minority stories and minority characters, but RIZE Press is changing that. The company understands how much people want to read stories representing them rather than some stereotypical or clichéd stories. It is addressing the problem of little diversity in publishing and hopes to change that narrative. “At RIZE, we know you crave spellbinding narratives and innovative prose written by people of color, those of LGBTQ representation, and neurodivergent people. We believe strongly that everyone’s voice should be heard loudly from the treetops. We are providing a chance for people to hear amazing stories told by diverse authors from different walks of life. We know this approach is in high demand, and we created RIZE for that purpose,” Founder and Exec. Editor, Running Wild, LLC, Lisa Diane Kastner says.

RIZE Press exists to ensure that writers that come from underrepresented backgrounds have an amplified voice. These writers fall into categories like people of color, LGBTQIA+ communities, people with disabilities, indigenous communities, and other marginalized groups. RIZE is passionate about giving everyone a space to thrive and flourish while giving true lovers of literature a pool of more diverse materials to enjoy.

RIZE helps these groups share genre stories from their perspectives and give them power by amplifying their voices. The Press believes strongly in works with themes that echo a call to action for all and sundry. The company has put in work to separate itself from the competition by curating a collection of new and experienced storytellers and voices while making diversity a major theme. According to NY Times bestselling author Jonathan Mabarry, “Running Wild Press curates an incredibly wonderful collection of new and experienced voices, innovative storytelling, and diversity…and in doing so digs real gold from today’s literary landscape. Brava!”

Building RIZE Press was a no-brainer for Lisa Diane Kastner, who noticed the lack of equal representation in the marketplace. She decided to work on reducing that gap by giving every fantastic author a chance to get heard and known. On her expectations for the next five years, “We’ll be the number one independent publisher in the world with loyal fans who are a part of our distinctly unique family,” she says. “And as we continue working, we want everyone to gain insights into the press as well as the stories coming available this year,” Lisa adds. Some of the books in RIZE Press’s catalog include “The Dunbar’s Apprentice” by Remington Blackstaff, “Broken Petals” by Tasha Hutchinson, and “No Molasses in Rhum” by Jude Duval.

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