Buying homes in the North Carolina region, Larken Equity saves the owners thousands of dollars with a direct purchase

Calling the residents of North Carolina and nearby regions looking to sell their houses, Larken Equity purchases the property directly from the owners. Without involving any third party, Larken Equity saves them a fortune. The company operates in the region of North Carolina including The Triangle, Aberdeen, Apex, Linden, Raleigh and other nearby areas. With no obligations and no fees, Larken Equity helps easy selling of homes along with saving a huge amount of money.

North Carolina, USA – Selling a home can be a hassle. It’s a huge step that one can make and conventionally involves multiple processes. But not anymore, Larken Equity is here for the people of North Carolina and enables them to sell their houses hassle-free at competitive rates. With no additional or hidden charges, Larken Equity buys the homes on an as-is basis and makes the house-selling process like a breeze. No need to visit a real estate agent and go through all the arduous paperwork, Larken Equity handles all the heavy-lifting for the clients and makes sure that they do little to no effort at all.

Larken Equity understands that people looking to sell their houses need to do it fast and get the money instantly. With that knowledge kept in mind, the company operates to provide quick cash to the homeowners. Involving just 3 simple and easy steps, Larken Equity first does all the research of the house, then creates the best-suited offers. With a fair, no-obligation offer, the owners can either accept the offer or deny it, no issue. If they opt to accept the said offer, the cash is provided in as little as a week; no need to wait for a long period to get money.

Allowing people living in North Carolina to experience a fully transparent, honest and easy process to sell their houses. Larken Equity does not need to list the house anywhere, the company buys the houses directly from the owner without involving any middle man. Striving to provide an honest service, Larken Equity works to satisfy the needs of owners. What makes Larken Equity happy, is fully satisfied customers, whose expectations are exceeded and who are provided with an excellent service.

When Larken Equity says that the seller’s money is saved, it is true. By comparing the prices of how a home is sold conventionally versus how it is sold under Larken Equity, it can be found how much truth there is to this statement. On average, 6% commission fee and 2% closing cost are normally paid by the sellers, under Larken Equity, no fee is paid. Moreover, inspection and appraisal fees are also paid by the seller, with Larken Equity, the seller pays none of these fees. Additionally, the repair costs are also generally paid by the seller, with Larken Equity, the company pays for all the repairs. With a quick, burden-free process, sell the house fast to Larken Equity and save more money than ever.

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Contact Person: Craig McKay
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Phone: 844-480-2274
Address:555 Fayetteville Street, Suite 201
City: Raleigh
State: North Carolina
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