Zodiac War Board Game Launching on Kickstarter

Zodiac War is a fast-paced game, for 2 to 4 players, true to the principles of both modern astrology and tarot.

Tampa, Florida, United States – A new competitive board game, Zodiac War, is hitting Kickstarter this month. The Kickstarter campaign for Zodiac War will be launching on January 26th, 2021. The game was created and designed by Paul Starr based on an idea to combine his fascination with astrology with a concept for a rotating board. Marrying a zodiac wheel with a rotating board has a synergy that has taken four years to perfect.

Zodiac War is an astrology themed board game and is ideal for ages 12+ with a typical play duration of 60 minutes. By adopting a Zodiac sign, each with its own special powers, the player can earn star crystals by enhancing the faith of their followers. Tarot cards are played to rotate rings on the board to align the planet and element with the associated zodiac sign. A star crystal may be purchased only with a perfect board alignment and sufficient faith. Players must be aware that other players may conspire to spoil their plans.

The goal of Zodiac War is to collect three star crystals to brighten their constellation and dazzle the night sky, thus impressing their followers and defeating their rivals. Players take turns to advance their strategy and each turn is performed in phases, comprising playing zodiac and tarot cards, rotating the board, collecting currency which in this game is referred to as faith, and then buying more tarot cards or alternatively star crystals.

The gameplay of Zodiac War is logical and quick to learn. The strategy of every game changes due to use of different cards and the unpredictable movement of the board.

Zodiac War is definitely a great upcoming Kickstarter board game in 2021. Featuring all twelve zodiac signs as combative characters, represented by beautiful artwork, the game is perfect for those who enjoy interactive gameplay and have an interest in, or want to learn about, astrology and tarot. The components of Zodiac War include player boards, a rotating zodiac board, two decks of playing cards, tokens and crystals.

About the designer:

Paul is a licensed professional engineer with an eye for detail and an unhealthy obsession for perfection. He currently resides in Tampa, Florida but was born in Manchester, England. His hobbies include role-playing games, board games, card games, and all sports, especially soccer and football. He also enjoys television, movies, music and attending multi-genre conventions.

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