Contractor Staffing Source Is Revolutionizing the Staffing Experience for the Residential Construction Industry

Finding and hiring the right person for a job is one of the most challenging experiences a small to medium-sized business faces. Smaller construction companies ($1-10 Million in annual volume) often lack the human resources and recruiting teams necessary to oversee the hiring process. After 35 years in the construction and consulting industries, founder Paul Sanneman saw that the staffing process had become antiquated and tedious, and a common challenge for his clients. Companies struggle to find reliable and experienced employees in a timely manner, and often later discover that they’re the wrong fit. The resulting high turnover rate is costly and inefficient. Sanneman founded Contractor Staffing Source (CSS) with one mission in mind: find good people for good people within the residential construction industry. With the help of Principle Ed Earl, CSS has become the top choice for staffing services with residential construction companies around the nation. 

White-Glove Service with Aloha

Based out of Hawaii, CSS combines personalized service with their innovative software to discover, assess, and match qualified employees with residential construction companies. CSS knows that hiring can be emotional, so they make it easy to eliminate the stress of hiring. Their value of aloha-centered mindfulness immediately puts busy clients and prospective hires at ease. They offer a highly personalized, white-glove service; made possible through their commitment to consistent client interaction combined with highly advanced recruiting and assessment software. A state-of-the-art custom applicant tracking system allows them to post on most job platforms and social networks. Once candidates are identified, they are further screened with strategic assessments and tailored interviews. “We’ll know you better than your own mother by the end of it,” Sanneman says with a chuckle. CSS onboards hundreds of vetted employees a month to be matched with clients. 

Simple, Thorough, & Seamless for Clients & Applicants

The client’s experience of being matched with prospective candidates is streamlined and simple. Each new client will go through an onboarding process in which the dedicated CSS team will assess their needs, values, and timeline in order to create a customized plan to help them find their next great hire. After that, they begin advertising the position and posting on relevant job boards. Each applicant is rigorously screened and evaluated through both online assessments and personal interviews. When an ideal candidate is selected, CSS guides clients through the entire onboarding process from a new hire tool kit to training support.  

Always be Recruiting

One of CSS’s main goals is to enable clients to reimagine their recruiting approach. Ed Earl says, “Look at your construction company like it’s a football team. Any good coach will always have a 2nd and 3rd string quarterback that you’re simultaneously developing and building. Always be building your bench. Always be recruiting.” Many companies often make the mistake of waiting too long to look for prospective employees which can leave them desperate and impulsive in making a hiring decision. This can lead to poor hires, incompatible teams, high turnover, and unnecessary expense. Instead, companies should approach recruiting as an ongoing process. CSS has deliberately structured their fees to be affordable and sustainable for small companies to maintain it as a continuous function of their business. 

Adapting to Change

Though 2020 dealt a brutal hand to multiple industries across the nation, the residential construction industry is flourishing. Now more than ever, individuals are looking to upgrade their home or build a new home. For this reason, the demand for residential construction contractors has never been greater. According to Earl, the pandemic has introduced two interesting factors into their industry. The first is that the revolution of virtual hiring has been expedited greatly. While companies were once reluctant to conduct zoom interviews, it has now become the norm. Even more astounding is the incredible remote workforce that has emerged over the last year. “Many companies have forgone the need for traditional office space and are electing to keep their teams remote,” says Sanneman, citing the story of a Massachusetts-based company who just hired their dream office manager out of Texas. Secondly, shifts in other industries – like hospitality and entertainment – have resulted in highly skilled individuals finding their way back into the hiring pool. “We’re realizing that there are so many transferable skills to be found in highly experienced professionals from a variety of industries,” says Earl, “We’re matching wedding planners, hotel managers, and event coordinators with construction companies in need of administrative and HR support, and the results have been remarkable!” 

People First

In a new digital age, one thing is for certain: hiring, as we knew it, is no more.  Fortunately, CSS is ahead of the curve in knowing how to help.  The adaptations required to succeed, by utilizing the technology and mindsets mentioned above, are what the team at CSS proudly calls being ‘technologically nimble.’  With an underlying value of people themselves. – meaning family-owned businesses and the qualified employees that they’re composed of – CSS has changed the landscape of residential construction staffing for good.  

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