Why Writing A Will Is Easier And More Important Than Ever With Houston Attorney Kimberly Moss

According to Kimberly Moss, Attorney, and founder of Moss Law Offices, writing a will has never been more accessible, or more important. Far too many people assume that writing a will is only for the elderly or reserved for those that have massive fortunes. However, Moss argues this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

“If you care about anything or anyone, you can and should write a will,” says Moss. 

In the face of the greatest pandemic this generation has ever known, writing a will has never been more pertinent. Although the greatest number of deaths have been found in the 65+ age demographic, there have been more than 15,000 COVID-19 related deaths of those under 55, according to the CDC. While this statistic is both staggering and alarming, it is the reality. No longer is having a will reserved just for the rich and the elderly. 

Ten years ago, when Kimberly Moss began her legal career, she never dreamed of the tragedy and loss that 2020 would bring, but she and her team of other like-minded, hard working lawyers, have persevered nonetheless. Desiring to make a greater impact on the world, she founded her own law firm in Houston, Texas intending to help real people with real problems. Her journey began in earnest in 2012. 

“In my position, I get to give people clarity and guidance to help them make good choices,” Moss explains. 

The custom, contemporary approach that Kimberly and her team bring to each client’s case, has quickly established it as a well-respected, highly sought after boutique firm. Their small, but mighty staff provides personalized, timely services to their clients. 

Furthermore, “Our team consists of gen-Xers and millennials, so we are capable of bringing a fresh perspective to our clients,” says Moss. “For far too long, millennials have gotten a bad rap, but we’re the future.” 

Their agility and adaptability certainly played in their favor as their team adjusted to the “new normal” inflicted by COVID-19. Despite a difficult year, Moss has chosen to look on the bright side, explaining that this has been an opportunity to provide access to justice in a way she had not expected. “We are helping our friends, family members, and neighbors plan for an uncertain future by encouraging them to stop procrastinating and write a will. The barriers to entry for estate planning have been lowered by technology and the changing legal landscape.” For example, the process of writing a will can now be done over the phone, by email, or via secure remote video conferencing software.

This new virtual world has made will writing and estate planning easier than ever before so there is simply no reason not to do it. 

There are so many benefits of having a written will, as Moss explains, “It is the most affordable way to protect your family.” 

If a will is not in place at the time of an individual’s death, a court procedure must take place. This process is not only timely and expensive but also extremely stressful for the family. Having a will ensures that an individual has full control over what happens to their estate and who their money goes to. Furthermore, a proper will allows individuals to decide where or to whom their money will go after their death. There are a whole host of legal factors that can impact the distribution of one’s assets post-death, so having a will is the only way to guarantee that one’s assets are given to the intended recipient. 

In the age of the new normal, writing a will has never been more accessible, or more important. If you or a loved one are considering writing a will or beginning the estate planning process, contact Kimberly Moss and her team at Moss Law Offices, PLLC for a thirty (30) minute consultation call.

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