Attorney Robert Sciglimpaglia Shares His Story of Pursuing His Dreams To Become An Actor, Producer, and Author

Norwalk, CT – What do practicing law and producing and starring in films have in common? According to Robert Sciglimpaglia, quite a lot. Originally from Connecticut, Robert obtained his Bachelor’s in Political Science from the University of Connecticut before going on to complete his law degree from Pace University School of Law in 1991. He began his career practicing real estate and immigration law, before being introduced to the world of insurance law. He immediately developed an affinity for the specialty and went on to become a Workers Compensation specialist. For the next several years, Robert enjoyed a successful career practicing real estate, personal injury, workers compensation law. During this period, he also frequently represented individuals in the entertainment industry. 

One day, in 2005, while flipping through an Adult Education magazine, he stumbled across an advertisement for a voice-over acting course. Having always been intrigued by acting, and driven by curiosity, Robert decided to enroll in the course. He quickly fell in love with the industry. In high school and through college, he had worked as a DJ and he noticed similarities in the technology, which immediately gave him a competitive edge as he was able to quickly set up a home studio. At this time, websites advertising voice-acting gigs were just beginning to pop-up so voice artists could easily audition and do voice over jobs from home, and Robert found it easy to find work.

He landed his first voice-over gig working with PBS, in “American Experience: Hijacked!” which was narrated by Campbell Scott.  His foray into the industry led to friends and colleagues advising him to get a headshot done and start submitting them for on camera jobs.  He quickly began to be offered more work and was afforded the opportunity to work with some of Hollywood’s biggest companies and stars, such as “Music and Lyrics”, his first film, starring Hugh Grant, Drew Barrymore, Brad Garrett and Kristin Johnson, and Disney’s “Enchanted”, starring Patrick Dempsey, Susan Surandon, Amy Adams, Idina Menzel and James Marsden.  In 2012, he starred in the Super Bowl’s viral Chevy commercial, “Happy Grad” which has been featured every year since on CBS’s “Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials.” 

The same year, after receiving questions from other aspiring voice over actors all over the world for several years, he decided to combine his law background and voice-acting experience and wrote his first book, “Voice Over Legal”. The book covers all the legal aspects of becoming a voice-actor, from starting a business and establishing an LLC, to the proper contracts required to work as a voice actor. It also covers some of the basics of the business like agents and Performance Unions, such as SAG-AFTRA, which Robert has not only been a member of since 2011, but he also coaches and pitches for their New York Central Park League softball team in the prestigious Performance Arts Softball League.  Just two years later, his book was the #1 best-seller in Amazon’s entertainment law category. 

After a decade of acting in films and advising production companies on the legal side of the business, Robert had an epiphany. He had developed a love for the entertainment industry and had what many did not: an understanding of the more complicated business and legal aspects of the industry. While starring as the lead in a feature film, he was able to secure the legendary Lance Henriksen to appear in the film, and shortly after was offered to take over as Executive Producer of the film and Robert leapt at the opportunity. 

Not long after, he officially founded his production company, Belair Productions. In 2018, he produced and starred in his first short film, Within and Without. The film offers a poignant view into a father (played by Robert) and his two young daughter’s struggle to cope over the holidays after the death of their mother. In the last few years, the film has been featured at festivals around the world and has won 49 awards, including several best actor and best producer awards for Robert.  A distribution contract was offered on the film and it was featured on ShortsTV, a subsidiary of USA Networks.

In 2020, Robert released his most recent film, Bathtub Chronicles, which portrays the heartbreaking story of a daughter navigating her assault and her parent’s grief as they struggle to help her. The film was only released in November of this year and has already won 26 awards, again several of which were for Robert’s acting and producing.  The film co-stars John Paul Jones of the “Bachelor” fame in his first professional acting role and is available on Amazon.

Today, Robert utilizes his skills both on set and in the courtroom. Just as an actor is responsible for bringing the writer’s script to life, so must an attorney utilize emotion and expression to tell their client’s story to the jury. According to Robert, his career in law has only contributed to his ability to transition into the entertainment industry, and vice versa, as he draws upon his acting experience to present a more compelling argument in the courtroom, and he draws on his life experience gained as an attorney to enrich his characters. “I want others to realize that it is entirely acceptable to have multiple passions! I had a dream of pursuing acting, and I didn’t allow fear to hold me back.” 

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