Kristen Wright, Queen of the Customer: How One Dallas Based Realtor Is Prioritizing People And Killing Negotiations

Kristen Wright is on a mission to reinvent real estate. Her team, Be the Reason Real Estate Group, based in Dallas, TX, is determined to shift the industry from a sales focus to one solidly founded on serving the customer. But these aren’t just “nice” realtors–Wright’s philosophy embodies the “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” mentality. “I’m focused on true customer service while being a shark with your money,” she says, emphasizing the balance she is committed to striking with each client she works with. Each prospective member of Wright’s team at Be the Reason is critically assessed on their ability to fiercely negotiate, tackle conflict, and protect a client’s finances while simultaneously concentrating on kindness and honesty. This approach allows Wright and her team to serve a big window of consumers, from first-time homebuyers to high-end clientele.

Wright has always believed that customer interactions are meaningful, whether she was waiting tables or working as an executive in telecommunications. When she entered the world of real estate, she saw the sales emphasis of the business as a dire oversimplification. “Home buying is an entire process, only one part is signing a line and actually selling something,” she explains.

Wright’s approach is one that puts power in the hands of the customer while relieving some of the stress by educating them on the home-buying process and instilling confidence with transparency and integrity. She consistently reminds her team to always be respectful, always be professional, and always be truthful with every person they work with, regardless of bank account or status.

Be the Reason Real Estate Group takes their depth of character everywhere they go. Wright is passionate about everyone on her team being involved in his or her communities and inspires each person to pick a cause to serve throughout the year. She primarily works with the homeless, but the group has also served at food banks and animal shelters. Be the Reason has also been known to DoorDash a meal to a client in the middle of a life crisis-not to gain clout, but to express that they truly care. Wright has built a team that is, in her words, “100% bought into one another’s success,” stating that the lack of competition amongst her realtors is something “you have to see to believe”. And it’s no wonder since this innovative business owner refuses to compromise on the character and competency of those that she hires.

By flipping the real estate game on its head, Wright hopes to inject honesty, clarity, and inspiration into the home-buying process. She is committed to aggressively protecting financial investments and gently educating customers about the procedures. Wright has built a team of the nicest sharks you will ever meet. And they are passionate about helping their customers find houses to call home.

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