Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise Prepares For An Unusual Big Game Week

Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise Prepares For An Unusual Big Game Week

February football in Tampa usually means a week of t-shirts, shorts, and a tropical cocktail or two while soaking up the sun with fans from all corners of the country, but this time around some are concerned COVID may just take their sunshine away. In a time when many are facing winter’s harshest conditions, a trip down south to Florida could be just the reprieve they need. So what should football fans expect if they travel to Tampa for the big game? Just maybe, the best voyage they’ve ever taken alongside a crew of fun-loving pirates aboard the Pirate’s Ransom.

Anytime big games come to Tampa the fans tend to follow. So for small businesses like Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise on Clearwater Beach, the first week of February was one they had circled… Errr, uh, marked with an “x” on their calendars. “When we first found out Tampa would be hosting the game again this year we were ecstatic,” says Captain Memo’s founder and owner Pam Wozencraft. “We’re usually booked solid and in between our public cruises we’ve got media engagements filming for television and private or corporate events most nights. It’s really a fun, exciting time to be on Clearwater Beach.” Normally, although the game takes place in Tampa, Clearwater Beach is one of the most visited destinations and for good reason too. From 2016-2019, Clearwater Beach was ranked the number one beach in the country by TripAdvisor and their users. Even without the prospect of a big game the country’s top beach experiences peak travel from January through March for those trying to escape the snow. 

With the ongoing pandemic, it’s not certain how many fans the event will attract this year, but with cold-weather and lockdowns plaguing most of the country, Florida might just be the only suitable destination and that’s providing Captain Memo’s with some optimism. “It’s been a tough time for everyone and we’re no exception, but I have to say we’ve been very fortunate in that our business is an open-air, outdoor attraction that can safely remain open and still provide the same fun, family-friendly experience that we have for 40 years,” remarks Wozencraft, “After the cruise we get people thanking us saying that for the two hours on their cruise they felt normal, they laughed, they smiled, they made memories. That’s what’s kept us going through all of this, it means a lot.”

For those attending this year’s big game and looking for something, anything, fun to do in Tampa visit or call 727-446-2587 to book your cruise today.

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