How Michael Oz Pilots South Florida’s Luxury Car Market Scene

Standing alongside the country’s top-performing luxury vehicle brokers, Michael Oz is truly a force to be reckoned with. He has taken the industry by storm as he satisfies the need of his elite clientele in South Florida. Michael holds a staggering record of selling over $30 million worth of vehicles every year. With his vision to venture into other areas across the United States, the expert will truly set the bar higher, going above and beyond expectations.

Michael Oz is the founder and CEO of Oz Leasing. The one-stop-shop platform bridges buyers and sellers and provides exclusive deals guaranteed to make them feel the ultimate VIP experience. Gone are the days when buyers had to scout for their dream cars physically. Oz Leasing allows them to save time and resources by bringing options to them through the digital space. Complete with a wide variety of choices, pricings, trade-ins, credits, and a comprehensive run-through on necessary documents, the portal lets anyone get a luxury car delivered straight to their doorstep with a few simple clicks.

Michael Oz is dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service and ensuring that his clients get their money’s worth. The entrepreneur strives to give them a game-changing luxury car shopping experience. On a mission to leave a legacy in the high-end luxury market, Michael stops at nothing to ensure that each client gets the vehicle of their dreams.

Contrary to the lavish lifestyle he is leading today, Michael Oz did not grow up with wealth. He knew nothing about luxury cars growing up, but he saw the value of hardwork and the honor of earning every dollar. Michael is from a family of immigrants who set their sights on reaching the American dream. He saw his father work his way up from working in a stock room to becoming an entrepreneur owning his own business.

Hard work was embedded in his system as he worked at his father’s electronic store in New York City. Michael Oz saw the importance of customer service and learning the basics of running a business. Eventually, Michael stepped out of their family business to carve his own path in the world. He started working in sales, proving to be a “rockstar.” Upon realizing that he has a knack for entrepreneurship like his father, Michael opened his marketing agency in 2001 called Hype Media.

Despite his marketing business’s success and satisfying clients with efficient strategies, Michel Oz felt that there was more to be achieved. He pictured a different life for himself—driving fancy cars and wearing tailored suits. During that time, Michael witnessed how his friend Alan lived his dream life while venturing into the mortgage industry. Taking inspiration from his good friend, he took a leap of faith to join Alan’s brokerage and continually pursued the “successful life.”

In 2008, Michael’s family moved to Florida, but Michael had plans of his own. With the help of another friend, Allen, Michael became an agent at Signature Auto Group in New York City. It was then that Michael found purpose in ensuring that customers would obtain their dream cars.

However, in 2012, Michael’s brother suffered an unfortunate motorcycle accident. Being incapable of managing his T-Mobile store, his brother asked him to manage it for him while recuperating. In Florida, Michael began to test the market, whether there was a place for his auto sales and finance skills to flourish. He built a website and marketed it well. One thing led to another, and the rest was history. Today, is gaining exponential success and has helped multiple clients gain the best deals, guiding them every step of the way.

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