Illya Shpetrik embarks sustainable and antibacterial fashion journey post-COVID impacts

Illya Shpetrik is a fashion design company that specializes in sustainable and natural materials.

New York, NY, United States – Illya Shpetrik is a fashion design company that focuses on sustainable and natural materials especially everyday uniform clothing. It was founded in 2010 and is based in the United States. Recently Shpetrik Design has shifted their focus on making clothing and masks that have antibacterial coatings due to the strain caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

A simple way to describe sustainable fashion is that the clothing used in manufacturing and designing these particular items is not harmful to the environment. The sustainable materials used to create sustainable fashion lines are usually biodegradable, recyclable, or do not harm the environment by being consumed or distributed. The management at Illya Shpetrik believes that sustainable materials are the bedrock for sustainable fashion designs and sustainable alternatives are one of the best ways to make the fashion industry more eco-friendly.

There is no doubt that fashion is extremely fast-paced these days, but fashion designers such as Illya Shpetrik continue to find better ways to appeal to the customers while being friendly to the environment. Sustainable materials and alternatives are not something that many customers are educated about and only a handful of designers and creators use them in order to make sustainable fashion.

Even though customers enjoy the versatile nature of fast fashion, giant retailers and fashion designers are now reeling back to the idea of slow fashion. The reason behind this is to use textiles and materials that nurture and protect the environment instead of destroying it. Several sustainable fashion materials are making waves in the industry today such as plant leather, vegan fur, organic cotton, and many more. These particular materials provide the glamour and shine of expensive fast fashion materials minus the harm is done to the planet for consuming them.

Plant or pineapple leather is one of the most famous sustainable materials that are used for designing fashion products. This material is extracted from pineapples growing in the Philippines. It’s completely eco-friendly and much more sustainable than traditional leather as it is also 100% animal cruelty-free. This particular material is perfect for jackets, bags, and shoes. Another sustainable fashion material that is also immensely popular in the fashion industry is vegan fur that is made from kelp seaweed. It is increasingly popular because it is completely against animal cruelty and also marks the emergence of vegan fashion designer Illya Shpetrik. Vegan fur or Koba is way more sustainable than faux for made from polyesters, nylon, and other plastic materials.

The idea of sustainable fashion is something that can help the fashion industry do better for the environment while maintaining its glamour. However, this can only be achieved once retailers and designers such as Illya Shpetrik turn towards sustainable fashion collectively in order to make a change to live in a smarter, and more sustainable world.  

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