Netvue Launches the Outdoor Security Camera – Newest Vigil Pro

Netvue is on a mission to provide customers a better life by using advanced technologies such as AI in surveillance and security.

The new Netvue Vigil Pro outdoor security camera boasts H.265 video coding technology, 3MP super HD Quality, and a new generation of processors, surpassing competitors and giving customers increased home security during turbulent and uncertain times.

A new promotion has just been released by the company in response to the increased market demand for security cameras, considering customers’ needs for home security and peace of mind during the ongoing social uncertainty. The sale starts at 33% off the Netvue Vigil Pro outdoor security camera. This deal is exclusively available on Amazon!

Why does the H.265 technology matter? Anything new compared to H.264?

H.265 is also known as High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC). H.265 has several advantages over H.264, including:


H.265 is superior in its video compression ratio and can encode files with fewer data and much lower bitrates.


With H.265 technology, users can enjoy longer recording time without decreasing image clarity and save the cost of buying extra SD cards. To be more specific, users can store 50% more videos when using the same SD card.


H.265 can lower bandwidth consumption. Thus, less space is taken up, enabling much faster and more smooth live streaming without any latency.

The 3MP Super HD Quality is Incredible! But HOW?

Netvue upgraded 3MP outdoor security camera captures clearer live video streaming and clips than 1080p cameras.

With its 2048*1536 resolution, Netvue Vigil Pro 3MP outdoor security camera boasts 50% more details than full 1080p HD cameras.

The colors of the images will be presented without any distortion by using advanced ISP 2.0 technology.

The newest generation of the chip. What’s new?

High-Speed Chip

Netvue outdoor security camera uses the T31 chip, which can reduce energy consumption by 20%-30% and increase computing performance by 20%-80%.

Upgraded Coating – Environmentally Friendly Material

Netvue takes great care of the environment. This camera applies the newest coating, which emits no Volatile Compounds (VOC) and greatly reduces energy consumption.

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