Evrima Launches Nationwide Platform To Give All Australians Access To Clinical Trials

Evrima Launches Nationwide Platform To Give All Australians Access To Clinical Trials

Sydney, NSW – Aussie entrepreneur Charlotte Bradshaw has built Evrima, a startup and platform that helps Australians find and engage with clinical trials through their local GP, giving everyone the opportunity to participate in potentially lifesaving trials.

Founder Charlotte Bradshaw has used her background in technology and her depth of knowledge in clinical trials to create a platform that will allow patients to find clinical trials through their GP, disrupting and revolutionising the process.

80% of clinical trials are delayed due to problems with the patient recruitment process, meaning that medical advancements are delayed, and patients are prevented from accessing trials that could alter the course of their treatment.

For Charlotte, Evrima is a chance to democratise clinical trials and make access more even.

Witmedicaresearcacruciapointitbecominmoranmore important that we can run effective clinical trials that allow us to grow our knowledge and improve our lives. The obstacle to this has always been patient access; we’re here to change that.”

Through a digital platform, Evrima gives people and clinicians the knowledge of clinical trials as a care option. The startup reduces the administrative burden on researchers so they can focus on the high value work required to get new medicines from bench to bedside.

Evrima’s goal is to change the game in clinical trials and get new therapies to those who need them. 

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