Lapsed Domains Pose a Huge Identify Issue According to Industry Experts

Lapsed Domains Pose a Huge Identify Issue According to Industry Experts
Each year hundreds of businesses with multiple websites let some of their registrations lapse. Many of those domains get picked up by unscrupulous individuals who use them for personal gain. Expired domains represent a huge identity issue, according to industry expert Craig Campbell.

Each year, hundreds of businesses and individuals from across the world, including some high profile politicians, allow their domain registration to lapse. It is often deliberate because they don’t have any further use of the domain, and often, it is by mistake. Either way, it can represent a significant identity issue, which has over the years been compounded by the fact that there are now more people taking advantage of lapsed domains.

When a domain expires or its registration lapses, quite a few things can happen. The first being that the registrant may decide to renew it within the grace period offered. However, more than often, if it was allowed to lapse, then it (the domain) will return to the primary registry, or domain squatters could even snap it up. Fortunately, before any of this happens, the original owner has the opportunity to repurchase the rights to the domain.

SEO expert  Craig Campbell famously purchased high-profile politician Nigel Farage’s lapsed domain name and redirected it to another famous politician Michel Barnier’s website. Since Farage’s website was deliberately allowed to expire ranked higher than the current official website at that time, hundreds if not thousands of visitors were redirected to Michel Barnier’s website. However, things could have been worse had it not been Craig Campbell, who just wanted to use the opportunity to draw attention to the now substantial issue caused by once official domains allowed to lapse.

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“The domain squatting and domain identity issue isn’t new. It has been around for years, and most times, the domain will be purchased by an SEO agency like mine and repurposed into a website that leverages that traffic for SEO gains. However, things can be a lot worse as you can potentially have someone masquerading as the company con people of potentially thousands of dollars like by selling fake products or non-existent service.” Said Craig Campbell about the issue surrounding identity theft caused by domains allowed to lapse.

He added, “My advice is don’t just let your domain lapse. Start by renewing it, then make it crystal clear that you’re moving to a new domain, and even better, redirect the domain to the new one. That way, you aren’t going to miss out on all that traffic you probably worked so hard to get.”

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