Botox and Facial Lasers at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology Treat Wrinkles, Acne, and Ageing Effectively and Painlessly

Botox and Facial Lasers at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology Treat Wrinkles, Acne, and Ageing Effectively and Painlessly
Cosmetic Laser Dermatology is a San Diego skincare clinic & dermatology center specializing in treating wrinkles and reversing the signs of aging through Botox and facial lasers. For more than three decades, the clinic has been favored by the community seeking cosmetic procedures.

According to announcements released by Cosmetic Laser Dermatology, it is San Diego’s most trusted destination for Botox and facial lasers to treat wrinkles, smooth skin, and reverse the visible signs of aging skin. Aging is a continuous process, and multiple factors contribute to it. These include sun exposure, overuse of facial muscles (think squinting at a computer screen), progressive loss of fat once people enter their thirties, or muscle gain or loss, and even bone loss. 

Cosmetic Laser Dermatology said, “Botox is one of the most popular anti-aging cosmetic treatments in San Diego, CA. With a long track record of safety and effectiveness, Botox has helped millions of individuals eliminate age lines and wrinkles, achieve a rejuvenated appearance, and restore their self-confidence in their appearance.

Botox is a minimally-invasive procedure with no downtime and is accomplished in a few minute visit. This virtually painless treatment is safe and delivers results in a week or less. The effects last for three to six months. 

Cosmetic Laser Dermatology offers a variety of facial laser procedures providing a range of cosmetic benefits. Fractional laser treatments stimulate collagen production to treat fine lines and wrinkles, remove brown spots and other discoloration, and diminish acne scars. The devices create micro-channels in the skin, leaving surrounding skin and tissue intact for less downtime after treatment. 

Ablative lasers like the Lumenis UltraPulse Encore and the Sciton Erbium:YAG offer help for patients with more advanced aging symptoms. In addition to treating wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, ablative lasers tighten skin to reduce signs of jowl formation and other evidence of skin laxity.

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At Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in San Diego, CA, our board-certified dermatologists are national Botox trainers considered top experts in their field. Our skincare clinic’s experience with Botox is unmatched, as we have conducted and continue to perform many clinical trials involving this excellent wrinkle treatment. We were involved in the original FDA approval research programs almost 20 years ago and became one of the country’s first practices to use Botox.

On what makes this clinic San Diego’s first choice for skin treatments, Cosmetic Laser Dermatology said, “Our world-renowned dermatologists combine major cosmetic breakthroughs in science and medicine to bring our patients the ultimate in rejuvenation. We offer patients customized care, including the most innovative laser, injectable, body sculpting, vein, Botox, and aesthetics treatments available.

With over 100,000+ satisfied patients, 50+ lasers and devices, 100+ years of combined experience, and an in-house dermatology research center, we can say with confidence that you can trust your skin in our hands.”

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Cosmetic Laser Dermatology is San Diego’s most acclaimed skincare clinic & dermatology center. The world-renowned experts at this clinic combine cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of their craft to help clients regain youthful, healthy skin. Procedures offered include injectables, laser, body sculpting, and much more.

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