Wholesale Stainless Steel Jewelry Center Unaffected By COVID-19

Wholesale Stainless Steel Jewelry Center Unaffected By COVID-19
Since 1998, the Salamander Jewelry factory has become one of the world’s most notable wholesale suppliers, high-quality body piercing jewelry and supplies. The rise in the number of COVID-19 cases worldwide has not caused the business to shut down.

Salamander Jewelry is pleased to announce that the wholesale stainless steel jewelry distributor’s operations are not affected by COVID-19. The firm is currently able to prepare and ship orders as usual. The company encourages its customers to ‘Stay Safe.’ Salamander employees recognize the importance of safety and health measures instituted by the company to continue its shipments to customers worldwide. Since its founding in 1998, the firm has expanded to become one of the most extensive suppliers of high-quality wholesale body piercing supplies and products.

The goal of Salamander since its earliest days was to grow the business with integrity. The founders believed in retaining the core values of sustainable manufacturing techniques and processes, which helped create meaningful interpersonal relationships with staff members and partners. In addition to using sustainable practices, the company practices efficient processes at the highest certified standards while promoting actions and beliefs that promote customers’ and workers’ happiness and safety. 

The firm believes in progressing by challenging itself, rather than placing its focus on its competition. From a small beginning to its present-day role as a market leader, its success has been directly related to the core values of adaptability, sustainability, and efficiency. The result is a happy workforce that makes the highest quality wholesale jewelry and supplies in the industry. 

An order from Salamander means standardized products with precise specifications that do not change because they are produced mainly by an in-house manufacturer. The products are always of the highest quality material, including surgical steel (316L) and Grade 23 Titanium. This might mean somewhat higher prices because there is no compromise on quality. There is no substitution on order sizes and colors without the agreement of the customer. There is peace of mind knowing that the firm is a reputable business that doesn’t use child labor or release toxic waste into the environment. 

About the Company:  

Salamander Jewelry has been operating for over 22 years, observing principles of integrity, efficiency, and sustainability. More information is available at https://www.body-piercing.com/

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