Ali King The Music Fashioniista is taking over Instagram and Has Music Hits Coming 2021

Who is Ali King the Music Fashionista and why is her journey to 1 million followers significant? To answer that question proficiently one must truly understand the importance of Instagram and the affect it has had on popular culture over the last decade.
Instagram is a social media phenomenon that has over 1 billion users and has grown faster than any other social platform to date. The average user spends close to an hour a day on IG and the impact the photo-sharing app has on our day to day lives has been very extensive. Instagram has created sub-genres, businesses, careers, and simultaneously disrupted entire industries.

Everything from the way we travel, to creating new food trends, to how we define beauty, to becoming rich and famous is now entwined if not outright dictated by instagram. Type in “how to become Insta-famous” or “how to gain 100K IG followers fast” and a Google search will pull up anywhere from 273 million to over 1 billion search queries.

In October 2010, instagram introduced itself in to the social media marketplace. In less than a decade the social media ecosystem which is now led by Instagram has completely changed the world as we know it. Many people have flourished in their careers because of IG and there are millions more who have floundered or feel lost and disappointed because of Instagram.

The music industry which looks radically different than it did a decade ago (thanks to piracy and streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple) has inadvertently been affected by Instagram as well. 20 years ago music executives put a premium on finding raw talent. But beginning in 2007 with a 16 year old artist named Soulja Boy, the trend of what qualifies as “raw talent’ would be forever changed. Soulja Boy became the first rapper to get a record deal, become famous and make millions of dollars by going viral on a social media video platform called Youtube.

In 2021 for an aspiring singer, rapper or producer to be accepted as a successful pop music star the reach and impact of their Youtube and Instagram following is now just as important if not more so than the raw talent music executives used to search for 20 years ago. Once having a plethora of Instagram followers became recognized as the way to become rich and famous or get a record deal all hell broke loose. Fraudulent accounts with 50k to 100K to 1M+ followers emerged until IG launched the famed Instapurge of 2014. Millions of followers were deleted and thousands of accounts banned creating sadness, death and despair across social media.

A 2014 Instapurge survivor herself, Ali used the experience to become @Musicfashioniista. She reinvented herself and created a unique blend of micro-posts that organically grew her account to 750k followers in the past year with a plan to exceed 1M followers in 2021.

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