Artist Daemon Creates A New Sound That Shatters The Common Concept Of Rap-Rock, On His Gifted EP

Like a lot of the world’s best music and innovation, grunge-trap was created in a garage.
Daemon (@songsbydae) and producing/writing partner Adrian’s Beats were in their rehearsal space when Adrian started strumming some 90’s-style guitar riffs. Daemon heard the hooks immediately and started singing infectious downer melodies. Before long they were layering it all over booming 808s, and a new sound was born.

Imagined if Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl found an 808 in their van in 1990 and decided to experiment, and you’ll get the picture.

A little of the picture, anyway. This isn’t your daddy’s rap-rock, Daemon says. “We all have some familiarity with rock and rap hybrid music, but oftentimes it’s like, here’s a rock band, with a rapper on the verse, you know what I mean? I just wanted to do something that felt less linear in thinking, less 1A, 1B, like here’s the rap, here’s the rock.”

Daemon doesn’t do linear. You could call him a rapper, but that’s a title for someone who stays in his lane. Daemon makes new ones.

The grunge-trap hybrid on the Gifted EP, out now, is one of those new lanes. It’s also a first taste of what’s coming from this breakout artist, who has collaborated with Killer Mike and Trackstar the DJ from Run the Jewels, DJ Shadow and more. In addition to the eponymous single, Gifted includes respect for classics from Nirvana and Beck, plus an unexpected spin on Louis Armstrong and Paul McCartney.

Daemon’s work has been featured on Netflix (“Daybreak” & “Work It”), FOX (“Ghosted”), Starz (“Power”), ads for Mini Cooper and Sephora, and TBS (on the Jordan Peele produced “The Last O.G.”). Candidate Bernie Sanders’ walkout music during a 2020 Presidential forum for Vice came from Daemon. His work is proof: An artist can defy genres and still get heads nodding.

Gifted is just a starting point. Daemon, Adrian and Breakfast Music are working on a full-length grunge-trap album, Problematic, due to drop in 2021.
Gifted is out now on all Platforms:

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