eCommerce Marketing Automation Solutions Increase Online Return On Investment

eCommerce Marketing Automation Solutions Increase Online Return On Investment
Okiano Marketing helps eCommerce and small businesses increase their sales levels by supplying Pay Per Click marketing automation with AI and machine learning capability.

Okiano Marketing and Ofer Hendin are pleased to announce that the company now has sophisticated marketing solutions for small businesses and eCommerce firms. The eCommerce marketing automation technologies make effective use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning protocols. The PPC management company marketing platform helps clients reach targeted customers on the World Wide Web, with the benefit of lowering their cost of advertising and boosting sales figures.  

Okiano Marketing has a well-documented history of preparing and presenting effective Google Ad campaigns.  More than ten million advertisements have been prepared and tested to date. The platform is continually crafting new advertisements across every category of products. The Okiano solutions prove that the platform can increase sales and revenues, thus improving the return on investment (ROI) for online businesses that use Google Ads. 

For online businesses, applying digital marketing efforts can be quite challenging for several reasons. It is hard to optimize, and it is expensive, difficult to set up, and requires continual adjustments and monitoring. Many small business owners do not have the necessary knowledge to manage conversions or identify the best advertisement and spending strategies.  The Okiano system takes care of all of those elements, including monitoring, tracking, and adjusting relevant keywords and ads to match every segment of the right target audience niche. 

The Okiano platform assists eCommerce businesses by simplifying, optimizing, and automating the digital publishing process from beginning to end. The sophisticated automation system is based on advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, which manages eCommerce stores’ digital marketing campaigns. The Okiano system monitors, tracks, and adjusts relevant keywords and advertisements to match each component to the correct target audience and manage costs to improve ROAs. There is no need to hire a team of experts to run digital campaigns effectively.

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Okiano Marketing has created a comprehensive platform that automates marketing campaigns for online businesses. More information is available at

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