Used & Refurbished Philips Mobile C-Arms at Summus Medical Solutions at Attractive Prices and with Insightful Guidance

Used & Refurbished Philips Mobile C-Arms at Summus Medical Solutions at Attractive Prices and with Insightful Guidance
Since 2011, Summus Medical Solutions has been retailing used and refurbished mobile C-arms to hospitals, veterinarians, and clinics that have sought affordable and dependable imaging systems. It stocks models from Philips and Siemens.

According to Summus Medical Solutions’ announcements, it continues to grow as a trusted retailer of used & refurbished Philips mobile C-arms. This business counts among its customers’ hospitals, diagnostic centers, and veterinary clinics that seek C-arms best suited for their needs. The range of pre-owned Philips mobile C-arms, refurbished, and quality checked includes the following models – BV Pulsera, BV Endura, Philips Veradius, and Philips BV Libra.

Before being put up for sale, the mobile C-arms undergo testing, repairs, a paint job, and recalibration. These C-arms can be used for specific purposes such as cardiac or vascular studies, urology, and orthopedics.

The BV Pulsera offers excellent quality 3D imaging. With a 9” or 12” image intensifier, the highly maneuverable C-arm has a pulsed acquisition rate of 30 pules per second for clearer images at low doses. A rotating anode facilitating better penetration of rays makes this the right choice for working with larger patients.

The BV Endura is a rugged and versatile device well-suited for medical facilities with a heavy imaging workload. It has been designed for regular and vascular procedures. It features a 12” image intensifier. This DICOM compatible C-arm is equipped with two 18-inch LCD monitors.

The Veradius is useful for mobile fluoroscopy procedures that demand high-quality images. The thin flat detector with the device delivers images with sharp contrast and a high level of clarity.

The BV Libra is among the best value-for-money C-arms in the market. It is maneuverable and lightweight.

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As stated on their website, when you call Summus Medical Solutions, you’ll speak with Travis or one of the extended members of the Summus Medical Solutions family. Summus was established in 2011 to provide high quality pre-owned and refurbished C-Arms, accessories, and consumables to clients nationwide.

Summus Medical Solutions values experience highly, and its staff comprises biomedical technicians who have had years of experience in the medical imaging industry. Their product offerings include refurbished and used products from Siemens and Philips. Summus Medical Solutions also offers parts, imaging supplies, and consumables for the products they sell, including drapes, drain bags, and printing supplies.

Summus Medical Solutions staff members are devoted to providing solutions and value to all their customer’s imaging equipment needs. They are happy to assist customers throughout the entire process and provide help in any way possible. If a customer has questions regarding their company or are investigating pre-owned or refurbished C-arm solutions, you are invited to contact or call them directly.

On the business’s commitment to customer satisfaction, Summus Medical Solutions stated that their knowledgeable staff can help guide you to equipment and parts that will provide the best value for your dollar. And you’ll have peace of mind knowing their bioengineers have tested and certified what they sell.

Summus Medical Solutions takes pride in their refurbishing process, and their dedication to providing competitive pricing for the highest quality used C-Arms on the market today. They have helped facilities save thousands of dollars and look forward to doing the same for you.

About the Company:

Summus Medical Solutions was founded in 2011 and has since then provided refurbished C-Arms to medical facilities at competitive prices and backed its sale by excellent customer service. This vendor sells mobile C-Arms by Siemens and Philips. It also offers other supplies related to the mobile imaging equipment it sells.

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