Pandemic Relief Supply Prioritizes Supplying PPE to Frontliners Who Need It The Most

Company offers a systemic solution to ensure that frontliners are never out of the protective equipment that they need.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on the medical community. The onset of the pandemic has seen massive shortages in PPE and medical supplies almost everywhere in the world. Healthcare workers are forced to choose between paying exorbitant amounts of money for their basic protective gear, or settling for substandard counterfeit supplies made by manufacturers who have taken advantage of the extremely high demand. Even large medical supplies companies were greatly affected by the shortage.

Prior to the pandemic, medical distribution was one of the most efficient and consolidated industries in the US. Industry leaders earned hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue, serving in a unique role in a supply chain that connected 1300 manufacturers to over 180,000 points of dispensation. The rapid rise of COVID19 cases and the need to take preventive measures has caused the demand for PPE and certain medical supplies categories to increase by 600%. Medical wholesalers simply lacked the number of production lines and supply chain agility to meet the extremely high demand. While all healthcare facilities are affected, the ones hit the hardest are the local clinics and critical access care hospitals. This is an urgent issue that companies such as Pandemic Relief Supply aim to address.

Pandemic Relief Supply was founded by Luká Yancopoulos while he was working at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals—one of the world’s largest biotechnology firms that began applying the same revolutionary methods they used to treat Ebola Virus to research a cure for COVID-19. In search of more suppliers, Yancopoulos developed a systematic, data-driven approach to create a robust network of dependable medical suppliers.

“Our greatest challenge, (as a young company in the space) is showing America’s frontline heroes that there exists a solution. A supply chain that does NOT force these heroes to choose between exorbitant price gouging versus counterfeit medical supplies. We have built that software solution, to solve this problem, deliver solutions and save lives.”, says Yancopoulos.

Pandemic Relief Supply prioritizes supplying personal protective equipment to those in need in the amount that they need it—particularly those serving on the medical frontlines. Their efficient system makes them a reliable player in the sector. The company only works with suppliers who have been in the PPE industry for at least 5 years before the pandemic. This avoids purchasing counterfeit products from new suppliers looking to take advantage of the pandemic-caused demand, as well as the widespread fraud currently plaguing the industry.

PRS has delivered 75,000,000 products, and has helped protect over 12 million people. Their products include 3Ply, KN95 masks, NIOSH N95 masks, disinfectants, and medical coverings. They offer consultations with their board-certified healthcare team to build a customized package of medical best practices, proper procedures, and supplies according to their client’s needs.

Through the company’s data-driven approach to obtaining and distributing supplies, they are able to offer the products at affordable prices. For more information on Pandemic Relief Supply, visit

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