Ripped30 brings its at-home workout programs to companies with employees working from home

Remote employees are now able to get fit from home with the power of Ripped30’s high-intensity workouts with no equipment or weights.

The team behind Ripped30, the revolutionary at-home fitness program that doesn’t require any weights or equipment, have launched their corporate fitness program to enable companies with remote employees to help their employees remain fit, healthy, and productive during these unprecedented times.

Ripped30’s new corporate benefits program gives employers the opportunity to provide their employees with a fitness program uniquely catered to their work-from-home lifestyle and schedule by providing them with daily motivational videos, efficient and high-intensity 30 minute follow-along workout videos, and access to the nutrition plan developed by the Ripped30 team.

“One of the biggest challenges facing remote workers right now is finding a way to stay sharp, focused, and productive even while they’re stuck inside,” Ripped30 creator Marc Zimmermann acknowledged. “We’ve seen the power and impact Ripped30 has had on thousands of people from around the world, and we’re excited for employers to take advantage of a program that gives them the chance to spend fewer hours in the gym and more hours being at their best… all through making their exercise as efficient and effective as possible in just 30 minutes from their own living room.

“We know that active and healthy employees are happier, more focused, and more productive, which is why we’re so excited to partner with organizations who want to provide fitness benefits for their employees from the comfort of their own homes.”

Coach Marc’s unique approach to fitness and health has enabled thousands of people to get into the best shape of their lives through Ripped30, which focuses exclusively on exercises and movements that can be done from home with no weights or equipment. By focusing on 30 days of varied focus on strength, agility, the core, flexibility, HIIT exercises, and the famous Ripped30 challenges, participants get maximum movement and benefits in minimal time.

Companies interested in leveraging the power of Ripped30 for their employees can get in touch with Coach Marc and his team at

Ripped30 burst onto the online fitness scene in 2020 with the launch of Coach Marc’s 7 Day Fitness Challenge, where he gives a week of high-intensity workouts for free to challenge participants to see the benefits of just 11 minutes of exercise per day. By partnering up with companies whose employees are shifting to remote-based work and limited access to gyms, Ripped30 is replacing traditional gym-based benefits programs.

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