QE Factory Supply Provides Apparel Industry Consulting for Creating Successful Supply Chains

Founder Queenie Cheng brings production, communication, and quality experience to her clients.

QE Factory Supply has announced the official debut of their new consulting firm, which has been created to offer a wealth of supply chain knowledge and strategies for companies in the apparel industry.

Founder Queenie Cheng has served as a professional developer and production leader for various fashion brands, and she is bringing her expertise to clients who are looking for a reliable, expert partner to assist in growing their brands. Although QE Factory Supply is just launching, Cheng brings with her a wealth of recommendations from satisfied clients she formerly worked with.

One such client, Emsellem Laurent, founder of Kaporal 5, said, “I have been working with Queenie Cheng for many years and I can attest she is very professional, loyal, and reliable. She is very talented and involved in her job; she clearly participated to the success of my company and I will always be thankful to her. She’s been a long term business partnership that I highly recommend.”

Another client, Parasuco Jeans Inc. founder Salvatore Parasuco, commented, “I’m fortunate to work with Queenie Cheng for 18 years, she has eyes for improving quality details and passion for design. There’s always been trust. Many have talent but are missing passion. Queenie has it all when it comes to interpreting my ideas into real products. My brainstorming with Queenie always results in a winning design.”

Now, amid the pandemic, companies around the world have seen major shifts in consumer demands and supply chains, and these trends have led more and more companies to create online presences. Apparel has been affected by this trend, as well, and QE Factory Supply will aim to work especially with those clients who want to bring offline service work to the online market.

“Our job is to help different customers find suitable supply chains such as factories, fabrics, accessories, and ready made garments, and help designers to enrich their design collections,” said Cheng.

With the current shifts being seen in the apparel industry, QE Factory Supply predicts that the road ahead will continue to be a challenging one. Competition in the apparel sector is always tough, but Cheng and her team feel that this competition will only become more fierce. Through new and creative strategies, marketing and supplies can prevail in an ever-changing and highly competitive market.

According to Cheng, she wants to make the supply chain more transparent while also helping clients find trusted factories and sources for goods. By doing this, Cheng and the team at QE Factory Supply can help apparel companies excel even in a difficult and turbulent market. New clients will be accepted in January 2021.

More information can be found at QEfactorysupply.com.

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QE Factory Supply offers supply chain consulting for the apparel industry.

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