The Useless Crafter: Providing The Internet With Some Of The Most Useful Content

The Useless Crafter: Providing The Internet With Some Of The Most Useful Content

An Pham is the face behind The Useless Crafter. She has made a lifestyle out of the phrase “why buy it when you can make it?” This craft addict has so many useful tips and ideas up her sleeve that it would be unfair if she kept them a secret from the world. She has dabbled in almost every type of craft imaginable. 

One look around An’s crafting space is all a person needs to see how much she thrives on making new goodies. This woman has every crafting supply known to mankind and then some. She’s made pretty much everything that has ever trended on Pinterest and can teach anyone’s grandmother new tricks on the Cricut machine.

What To Expect From The Useless Crafter

An may be a crafting genius, but she is still always trying to find new ways to make things. She also takes a keen interest in learning about different materials to use as well. She is incredibly talented when it comes to making family friendly projects, so she has decided to start sharing tutorial videos to teach her audience some of her tricks. 

One thing that makes The Useless Crafter’s videos appealing is that she limits editing in order to show her audience every step of the process. She doesn’t edit out the mishaps or blunders because she wants people to know how to handle these situations if they occur. Viewers get to watch an authentic video of how their favorite crafts are made.

Since An loves to teach others how to make the most of their craft rooms, she is always excited to reply to her audience. People can expect to see a lot of interactions on her accounts because she loves being able to give people tips on how to make their crafts better.

What Inspires The Useless Crafter

The three main things that inspire the projects on The Useless Crafter’s page are:

  • School themed crafts
  • Orders for customers
  • Special requests

An is always excited about a new crafting challenge, which is why she’s open to taking video requests from her fanbase. To see more of her creative videos and content, follow The Useless Crafter’s Instagram page at

There is even more amazing content on The Useless Crafter’s official website. On this page An offers loads of helpful tips and tricks. To see more, visit

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