Museum of Jewelry Offers Beautiful Birthstone Pieces

Museum of Jewelry Offers Beautiful Birthstone Pieces

Jewelry makes a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Many people give jewelry as gifts to those they love without needing a reason. Looking for a sentimental gift that the receiver will love? Consider jewelry featuring the person’s birthstone.

What is Birthstone Jewelry?

Birthstone jewelry are pieces that feature the person’s birthstone. What is a birthstone? Every month of the year has its own gemstone that represents that particular month. The Museum of Jewelry is an online store that sells this type of jewelry, plus many other stunning pieces. 

Which Stone Represents Each Month?

When purchasing this type of jewelry from, be sure to buy the right stone for the correct month. Remember that each month has its own gemstone, or color, that represents the entire month. For example, January is presented by the garnet stone, which is a deep red color.

February is represented by the stone amethyst. Amethyst is a medium purple color. Those born in March are represented by an aquamarine stone, which is a lighter shade of blue.

Those born in April will have the diamond as their birthstone. Perfect diamonds appear clear in color, while others may appear white in color. Sometimes the metals and settings around this stone can affect the way the color appears.

May is represented by beautiful green emerald stones. June is represented by the alexandrite gemstone. This stone can appear blue or bluish-green. Those born in July will be represented by a red gemstone called a ruby.

Those born in August are represented by a peridot gemstone. This gem is a beautiful bright green color. People with September birthstones should receive jewelry with a sapphire. This stone comes in a range of blue shades.

October birthdays are represented by the pink tourmaline. People born in November should receive yellow stones called topaz. The December birthstone is the blue topaz. Learn more at

Those shopping for birthstone jewelry can find all of these birthstones in stunning pieces at the online store. Each piece is handcrafted by master artisans and historically inspired. All of the stones are of high quality. For example, the amethyst pieces in the online store are synthetic stones, not dyed.

Common Birthstone Jewelry Pieces

Birthstones can be found in almost every type of jewelry. Common pieces that jewelry designers use with birthstones include earrings, rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and more. They can be bought as individual jewelry pieces or as matching sets. Every piece of jewelry on the website is high quality, and ethically sourced.

Those who love classic artisan pieces will love the jewelry in this online store. They have a great selection of birthstone jewelry, and there is a generous thirty-day return policy. Those who waited for the last minute to order a gift are also in luck, as orders ship within one business day.

The Museum of Jewelry started 56 years ago on a vacation. The adventure began when Shashi fell in love with several pieces of jewelry while in South America. Today, every piece is historically inspired and handcrafted by master artisans.

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