Popular Online American Sweets Store SugarDad, Announces Expansion Throughout Europe

Popular Online American Sweets Store SugarDad, Announces Expansion Throughout Europe

January 22, 2021 SugarDad, Germany’s most famous online American sweet shop is now expanding to make its products available in several European countries. Now people in Austria, Netherlands, France, and Spain wanting to satisfy that sweet tooth can do so with the best of American sweets and candy. 

Everybody loves sweets but not everywhere will you get classic American flavors like Jolly Rancher, Skittles, and Calypso. For years now SugarDad has been catering to the demand of Germans who love their sweets and snacks by importing popular American candy brands into the country. The company is a major food importer supplying retail consumers and restaurateurs with a range of food products both in Germany and worldwide.

SugarDad specializes in food products not available in the German and European market. Popular among its American candy brand and flavors are products like Hersheys, Sourpatch, Chupachups, Twix, Dr. Pepper, Hi-Chew, Lucky Charms Marshmallows, Now and Later and Reese’s to name a few. Included on its online shopping portal are popular soft drink brands like capri-Sun, Snapples, Koolaid, Pepsi, Fanta Shokata, and food products like Pringles, TGI Fridays Party Bites, Space Raiders, Cheezit, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, Hostess and Chips Ahoy cake Cups. For kids the shopping portal also sells brand related accessories like Airhead Holiday Sticker books.  

Shoppers can also put together their own candy boxes called The Sugarbox available at different prices, and sizes. A Sugarbox from SugarDad fits is ideal for different occasions like a party, birthdays, holidays, a mild summer evening or cozy hours on the couch in winter and autumn. Products for the Sugarbox are suitable for every season, and festivals like Christmas, Easter, or Valentine’s Day.

SugarDad is a project of IA International GmBH & Store Cart OÜ and a major food importer selling its products through its online portal that features almost 500 products. The wide range of American sweets, candy, beverages and snacks are chosen from the trendiest, brands and flavors of the highest quality making SugarDad one of the most important partners in food. SugarDad is constantly expanding and securing exclusive distribution rights for products in various segments. On its latest expansion plans, the company has expanded sale of its online products to Austria, Netherlands, France, Spain but recently announced:

We are happy to announce that we are expanding our fast-growing company now to most of the European countries.

For more information: www.SugarDad.eu

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