The documentary “Apocalypse of Plague Prevention”, which combines macroscopic vision and delicate expression, has received collective praise from mainstream media

The documentary “Apocalypse of Plague Prevention”, jointly produced by Discovery Media Group and Intellectual Chinese, and Xigua Video, premiered on January 22 at 0:00 on Xigua Video. With an international macro view, the documentary truly records the local measures taken by countries around the world to combat the epidemic under the global epidemic in 2020. At the same time, the documentary takes Wuhan, China as the base and objectively shows China’s valuable experience and contribution in the fight against the epidemic in detail, which has received strong praise from mainstream media and netizens. Some netizens commented that the documentary, with its panoramic narrative, shows the efforts and achievements of China in science, engineering, biology and medicine in the course of fighting the epidemic, which is one of the models for telling the story of China’s fight against the epidemic at a time when the global epidemic is still spreading. 

Scientific prevention drives the restart of work and helps the community to operate effectively

From 2019 to 2021, the COVID-19 has gone through phases of outbreak, ease, and effective control worldwide, and today the global epidemic situation remains severe, with China also facing pressure from imported and local independent cases. However, China, as one of the countries firmly involved in the global solidarity in the fight against the COVID-19, has become the only major economy in the world to achieve positive economic growth in 2020, providing the world with rich experience in the fight against the COVID-19, thanks to its scientific epidemic prevention and control measures, its will to fight the epidemic with unity of purpose, and its advantageous system of efficient integration.

The documentary “Apocalypse of Plague Prevention” focuses on China’s measures in the plague prevention against the background of different epidemic prevention policies in different countries around the world, and shows the power of China in the plague prevention from different perspectives, such as the macro deployment of medical resources, the multi-dimensional application of science and technology, and the emotional expression of individual volunteers. In the documentary, viewers can see the application of advanced technologies such as 5G technology, Huoshenshan construction, AI monitoring, fever-tracking technology, virus analysis, and antibody gene pool in the plague prevention, as well as the research staff working around the clock to study the virus, medical staff working tirelessly on the front line of treatment, and volunteers maintaining the normal operation of people’s lives regardless of the gains and losses.

Bruce Aylward, senior advisor to the WHO Director-General, had this personal experience in China: “The Chinese people are full of responsibility and they are very proud of what they are doing.” It is the united spirit of fighting the epidemic, the insistence on scientific measures to prevent the epidemic, the government’s ability to manage crises in public health emergencies and the superb social organization and mobilization ability that make people look forward to the future, which is the foundation for the rapid and effective operation of the society and the restart of work and production.

Vaccine development mitigates global outbreak through international collaboration

On December 31, 2020, the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council released that Sinopharm China Biologicals inactivated vaccine has been approved by the State Drug Administration for conditional marketing. According to available data, the vaccine has a protection rate of 79.34%, achieving the unity of safety, efficacy, accessibility and affordability, meeting the requirements of the World Health Organization and the relevant standards of the State Drug Administration. At the press conference of the State Council Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism held on the same day, Zeng Yixin, deputy director of the National Health Commission and head of the vaccine research and development task force of the State Council Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism, said that the new coronavirus vaccine is provided free of charge for the whole population.

As the most powerful technical means to prevent and control infectious diseases, vaccines are of great significance to safeguard people’s lives and health. After the occurrence of the COVID-19, China quickly gathered the strengths of all parties, fully integrated the resources of all parties, coordinated the advantages of all parties, quickly launched multiple vaccine R&D routes, and rapidly promoted vaccine R&D while adhering to the premise of safety and efficacy.

In the documentary “Apocalypse of Plague Prevention”, Xie Xiaoliang, director of the Future Genetic Diagnostics High Precision Innovation Center at Peking University, introduced that for this genetic sequencing of COVID-19, Chinese scientists took only one month to announce the sequencing results to the world. With the gene sequence of the virus, the vaccine development work also started rapidly on this basis.

With safety and efficacy as the criteria, the COVID-19 vaccine developed by China has been successfully marketed after a relentless effort of every second. Due to the high safety and efficacy of the Chinese vaccine, more than 40 countries have now entered cooperation with China in the field of vaccines, and the WHO has also highly praised the Chinese COVID-19 vaccine. The ability to make such progress in the global fight against the epidemic is due to the tireless efforts of thousands of scientists and workers in related fields, and is also inextricably linked to the country’s initiatives to optimize the process and seamlessly integrate it while ensuring safety and efficacy.

As globalization moves forward, the race against the spread of the epidemic remains unfinished. In the post-COVID-19 era, the shockwaves have not stopped spreading either. Although the COVID-19 vaccine has been successfully developed, there is still a long way to go in terms of the vaccination in a global perspective. Therefore, it is important for everyone to maintain a constant epidemic preparedness posture, to be constantly vigilant and united in scientific prevention. What is believed is that technology will eventually triumph over viruses, and this is the core concept that “Apocalypse of Plague Prevention” conveys to the audience

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