Global Integrated Anti-Pandemic and Disaster Relief Forum – Top Integrated Health Practitioners and Researchers from Over Forty Countries United To Fight Pandemic

Top Integrated Health Practitioners and Researchers from Over Forty Countries United To Fight Pandemic by joining Global Integrated Anti-Pandemic and Disaster Relief Virtual Forum on Jan. 23-24, 2021.

The Global Integrated Anti-Pandemic and Disaster Relief English Forum (also called the Forum thereafter) will be held online on January 23 and 24, 2021!

The Forum will be broadcasted live on with over 40,000 English followers. The Global Anti- Pandemic Forum is jointly organized by the World Federation of Integrative Medicine Societies, various Tai Chi and medical organizations, scientific research groups, educational institutions, and their communities. 

The forum will consist of the following four tracks:

1. Tai Chi Forum – The medical community, colleges and organizations around the globe jointly celebrate the successful applications of the Heritage of Tai Chi.

2. The Body and Mind Integration Medical Forum.

3. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Various Treatment Forums.

4. Homeopathic Medicine and Products Forum

The schedule for the Forum is as follows:

9:00 AM – 10:00 PM PST, January 23, 2021, and 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM PST, January 24, 2021, Everyone is welcome to watch live on Facebook, qihuangnet, and

Highlights of this Forum: group practice of Tai Chi around the global as a symbol to fight against COVID-19. Tai Chi can strengthen the body, clear the meridians, promote vitality of the blood, and strengthen immunity.

It is the secret weapon to fight the pandemic. For this Forum, everyone is welcome to join online and there will be many opportunities to practice together! You can also learn the latest and best traditional medicine treatments and protocols for the prevention of the new, more contagious virus, including a variety of the latest top anti-pandemic and anti-virus prescriptions and proprietary methods.

In December 2020, a similar Forum was held in Chinese language. Participants included: Honorary Chairman Wei Guikang, Master of Traditional Chinese medicine: Tao Yiquing, President of the International University of Medicine; Co-organizer Professor Fang Bangiang, Critical Care Committee of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine and co- chairman Zheng Jianhua, Life President of the Australia Society of Chinese Medicine along with European Chinese Medicine Specialist Zhu Miansheng, President of the Federation of Experts and Mr. Ren Jizhong, the founder of Shenzhen Aviaf Acupuncture Specialist Hospital (Chairman of Aviaf IVF Medical Group).

The 2021 Global Integrated Anti-Pandemic Online Forum – Silicon Valley awarded the first Gold Medal to its title sponsor, Mr. Ren Jizhong and the Aviaf (IVF) Group.

The Aviaf (IVF) Group was considered as one of the largest and most successful professional IVF institutions in China. Mr. Ren was the co-chairman of the 2020 Global Integrated Anti-Pandemic Forum in Chinese language.

The Silver Medal went to Yifan Pharmaceutical Acupuncture Anti-Virus Foundation; Rainier Taiji Foundation, and Coated Silver.

The Forum also extended its special thanks to Honorary Chairman Jia Wenxi, Wei Guikang, Dong Zhilin, Yang Jinsheng, and Advisory Team Su Huachang, Jiang Fanfan, Liu Xuanqing, Han Yushan, Li Jingxin, Yang Guanhu, Jiang Dan, Liu Suibin and many others!

Special thanks also go to the new co-chairman, Mr. Ziu Miansheng (France), recommended by nearly 80 integrated medical experts and medical community leaders, Dr. Zhang Lili (American Chinese Medical Association representative), and Dr. Chou (U.S) who gave enthusiastic support to the upcoming Forum.

This new Forum will highlight the presentation from Dr. Fang Bangjiang, the Wuhan anti-pandemic hero, who will introduce the latest Chinese Medicine protocols to treat the new and more contagious COVID virus.

The co-chairs of the previous Chinese Forum, Lu Xin and Chen Yemeng, Tian Haihe, Wang Lin Boxin, Dr. Bill Dowson, Qin Nanji and others will continue to serve as co-chairs. Forum Consultant Professor Jiang Dan was elected as the Chairman of the Forum Academic Committee, and Co-Chair Professor Lu Bian was elected as the Chairman of the Medical Expert Committee.

“Don’t exclude other treatments, and we must strengthen unity and fight the Pandemic together until it is been defeated!” Chairman Lu Biao proclaimed as the slogan of the forum.

As one of the sponsors of the forum, Noble Elements LLC with donate natural silver water to all participating experts who need to protect themselves. Media sponsors include the American Kung Fu Magazine ( and Global Dragon TV (

The Vice Chairman of the conference Huang Guojian and the Chairman of the Canadian Acupuncture Alliance proposed to convey information to the global mainstream society. Dr. Li Yujin, the Vice Chairman from New Zealand, and Mr. Lu Biao expressed their willingness to provide free information to patients in various countries and regions around the world with the new more infectious virus who need Chinese medicine.

The forum also added nine (9) consultants.  They include Yu Gongbao (China), Jie Yuhong (UK), Pan Xiaochuan (Canada), Li Hui (UK), Ke Wen (France), Liu Gaosheng (Tsinghua University of China), Peng Yuren, Li Chuncai (China), Frank Wu (Seattle, U.S.).

The forum currently has twelve vice chairmen. Over 60 top integrated medical experts, scholars, and academic authorities from more than 40 countries will deliver speeches in English. This demonstrates the determination of all integrated healthcare professionals from around the world united together to fight against the pandemic. All forum attendees will practice Tai Chi and Qi Gong together to improve immunity.

The slogan of the forum is: “We will not stop fighting until the virus is dead!” If you would like to participate the conference during 1/23-1/24/2021, please contact Executive Chairman of conference, the Dean of University of East west Medicine of Extended and Continuing Education, the Dean Of AIMAIM, Dr. Jack Fu:, WeChat: Jackfu626, or Tel: 626-215-3353. 

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