Melody Pole Studio Debuts Pole Dance Teacher Training Course

Premier Hong Kong pole dance studio now offering online training.

The team at Melody Pole Studio is pleased to announce the launch of their new course, ‘Pole Dance Teacher Training Level One Certification’. This online course can be completed anytime, anywhere, offering a safe, fun, and convenient way to get a level one pole dance teacher certificate.

Melody Pole Studio was founded in 2012 and has grown to have more than 4,000 students, making it one of Hong Kong’s most sought after pole dance training studios.

Within the new course, students will learn how to recognize and fix common mistakes for new dancers, how to properly spot students, maintain safe and proper postures, teach individual moves, and more. Melody Pole Studio’s training lets students enjoy as many replays as needed while also offering a private group for networking, support, and asking questions.

Pole dance is healthy and enjoyable, even considered a sport featuring its own competitions and more. Two time Hong Kong Pole Champion founded Melody Pole Studio to promote and protect the value of pole dancing while also offering different styles to create diversity in pole dance.

‘Pole Dance Teacher Training Level One Certification’ has been created to help further this mission and share pole dance with even more people. More information can be found at

About Melody Pole Studio

Melody Pole Studio was founded in 2012 and is the premier pole dance studio in Hong Kong.

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