247 Management Set to Open Their Services to Everyone

Affordable services are now available to aspiring and up-and-coming music artists.

247 Management has been known for working with only major artists and those signed to them. Today, they are announcing that they are opening their management and promotional services to everyone. Affordable services are now available to aspiring artists and those new to the scene.

Having a well-thought out marketing plan is just one of the keys to succeed in the music business. 247 Management has seen a massive increase in streams and sales after working with influencers on apps like TikTok, Thriller, and Instagram Reels. Working with TikTok influencers and reaching millions of people is now possible through 247 Management. Tracks used by influencers have reached the top 10 charts and have become wildly successful with the exposure they have gained through such platforms.

The company’s management has been working with these influencers in promoting their artists’ music. Millions of TikTok views have been converted to Spotify streams, sales, and people adding the songs to their playlists. As an established company in the music industry, with extensive contacts and experience, 247 Management is able to offer these services and more at reasonable rates.

Over the years, the company has built a direct connection with playlist curators worldwide. Spotify playlists are where artists get most of their streams from. 247 Management guarantees that their artists’ songs will be placed in thousands of playlists. Part of their service is pitching the artists’ songs for New Music Friday and other Spotify official playlists.

“247 Management has helped me gain over 10 million streams and my songs have been added to more than 40k different Spotify playlists. They are the most experienced management i have worked with in my 7 years in the music business. I can’t thank them enough”, says artist Magomar.

The company offers free consultations to artists. To know more about their services, visit http://247m.co/.

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