Cerber Tech announces a major release of WP Cerber Security

Cerber Tech announces a major release of WP Cerber Security

Cerber Tech, the security as a service company developing advanced security solutions for WordPress, announces a major release of WP Cerber Security. This release brings a set of new features and multiple improvements to the security algorithms in the core of WP Cerber and Cerber Tech’s threat intelligence platform.

The new version of WP Cerber brings a complete toolset to effectively manage application passwords, restrict access to website APIs and monitor the usage of REST API. Although using application passwords brings an additional security barrier, the default WordPress implementation of application passwords is absolutely minimalistic. With new tools, website administrations can configure more secure processing of user passwords. In particular, they can restrict REST API usage by authorization with application passwords only, meaning the default, interactive user passwords cannot be used to access REST API, so it can not be an attack vector.

Another security threat often overlooked by website admins is using REST API for mounting brute-force attacks. It’s possible because, by default, WordPress has no built-in protection against brute-force attacks. New WP Cerber’s firewall algorithms protect websites against brute-force attacks targeting the REST API authentication mechanism.

For advanced use of application passwords, WP Cerber offers logging API requests and authorization events. Combining it with flexible email and mobile notifications, website admins now get full control over WordPress APIs available on their websites.

Another new feature improves anti-spam performance. It’s no secret that spam comments infiltrating via commenting forms are ubiquitous, undesirable, and tedious to manage. A new custom comment URL feature automatically generates a unique URL for the WordPress comment form to improve the spam protection efficiency. Reinforced with analytics from Cerber Tech’s threat intelligence platform and a real-time database of hosts known for disseminating spam, WP Cerber’s anti-spam shows better efficiency.

The new version of WP Cerber also brings significant improvements to the user login process. Handling user authentication and authorization by WP Cerber’s access control mechanism has been significantly improved and optimized. It’s crucial for a configuration when a website is configured for using external user authentication via third-part connectors and WordPress plugins.

“We’re seeing an alarming rate of cyberattacks aimed at small online businesses and a significant increase in targeted malware attacks. To keep up with modern security threats, we have to employ continuous software improvement as a part of our cybersecurity strategy. It’s just a new norm,” says Gregory Markov, the founder of Cerber Tech Inc.

Please visit https://wpcerber.com to learn how WP Cerber protects websites against hacker attacks, bots, spam, trojans, and malware.

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