Hoverboard Won’t Hold Charge? Try These 4 FoolProof Steps by StreetSaw to Get It Working Again

Hoverboard Won’t Hold Charge? Try These 4 FoolProof Steps by StreetSaw to Get It Working Again

According to announcements released by StreetSaw, the hoverboard charger they manufacture is ultra-dependable and durable. StreetSaw manufactures quality hoverboards, spare parts, and accessories. They choose to sell hoverboard chargers separately to meet the demand for chargers that weren’t flimsy and offered value for money. 

If a hoverboard won’t charge, then StreetSaw recommends the following four foolproof steps to get it working again. 

STEP 1: The first step to test is to try charging another hoverboard with the charger. This eliminates the possibility that there might be something wrong with the charger and not the hoverboard. 

STEP 2: The second step is to test the charger with another outlet. The outlet you were originally testing could need to be reset or could also be faulty.

STEP 3: If this doesn’t resolve the issue, users may want to quickly check and observe the charger’s wires for any cuts, snicks, and frays. 

STEP 4: If these three steps cannot resolve the case, then it’s time to order a new hoverboard charger or 36v hoverboard battery or 25.2v lithium ion battery from StreetSaw. 

For more information, go to https://www.streetsaw.com

The StreetSaw hoverboard charger offers multiple advantages over the standard hoverboard charger that accompanies a hoverboard purchase. Multiple certifications back its quality. It’s sturdier and heavier, guaranteed to fit, and is supported by a one-year warranty. This charger charges at 1.7 amps compared to other chargers in the market that work at 1.2 amps to 1.5 amps. This high-efficiency device is housed in a moisture-proof covering. Dual-colored LED lights indicate status – red means charging, and blue/green indicates that the hoverboard has been charged and can be disconnected. 

StreetSaw said, “This hoverboard charging adapter is universal, so it fits a wide variety of hoverboards. If you’re still wondering if it fits your charging port, we want to assure you that this is a compatible replacement for 36v hoverboard charger models/brands that include KingJT, Model 36-L04, Model 420020, Model AK4202, Model CC3615, Model HG6S360160, Model HK-42-2000, Model JC-40-60V, Model JMD360200-C, and Model JN-L10S20.

“Although this smart balance wheel charger is universal and will fit nearly every hoverboard model that we have seen, there are many popular models of hoverboards that we want to let you know our replacement hoverboard charger fits. These include AlienBoard, CHIC SmartS1, ERover, Dreamboard, DriftScooters, EPIKGO, GliderBoards, and Glyro. Customers have also purchased our charger for e-bikes as they are 36v and match the necessary specs. Compatibility includes a 36v battery for folding electric scooters. StreetSaw now sells over 50 varieties of hoverboards and carries customized hoverboard accessories as well.”

On-wall outlet compatibility of the chargers, StreetSaw said, “We have hoverboard adapters in stock that are compatible with the wall sockets of many different countries. We currently stock the following adapters – type A, which is mainly used in America, Canada, Mexico, and Japan; type C, which is mainly used in Europe, South America & Asia; and type G, which is used in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, Malaysia & Singapore.”

About StreetSaw:

Since being founded in 2015, this online retailer of self-balancing electric scooters has grown to become one of the foremost retailers of hoverboards. The owner, Daniel Moravec, follows a policy of making the highest quality parts available to consumers at the best possible rates.

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