Shawn Fair’s Celebrated Leadership Experience Tour Raises the Bar With Dynamic Speakers Michele D. Clark and Alena Zachery-Ross

Shawn Fair's Celebrated Leadership Experience Tour Raises the Bar With Dynamic Speakers Michele D. Clark and Alena Zachery-Ross

After great success in the speaking industry, it is hard to imagine how Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour could get any better. Shawn Fair says otherwise. Raising the bar and continuously dominating the field, Shawn has enlisted two of the most dynamic speakers today: Michele D. Clark and Alena Zachery-Ross.

Before partnering with the celebrated speakers, Shawn has also built an impeccable reputation for himself. A recognized leader in the speaking and training industry, he is widely admired as a renowned expert in corporate leadership, vision, time master, consultative sales, business development, and coaching.

Through his work, he has reached beyond borders and has delivered world-class award-winning presentations that have impacted countless lives in the United States, Canada, and beyond. Shawn Fair’s unique ability to engage, motivate, and inspire leaders of all levels to achieve their vision has catapulted nearly one million executives, managers, and sales professionals worldwide to success. 

Driven to continue to inspire leaders to succeed and push them into building a healthy work environment, Shawn has elevated his Leadership Experience Tour to other platforms. He has also started working with talented speakers such as Michele D. Clark and Alena Zachery-Ross.

Michele D. Clark, an entrepreneurial powerhouse in her own right, started as a licensed clinician with degrees from North Central College and the prestigious University of Michigan. Her story has prodded tears to eyes and is one that she shares to counsel, coach, mentor, and train individuals and groups on strength and drive.

The influential speaker has conquered multiple life-threatening illnesses and complex traumas while caring for her daughter and special needs son. She was left momentarily paralyzed after being struck by two strokes only two days apart. Her sheer will and faith helped her regain abilities within 24 hours.

However, the test would not end there. Less than a year after recovery, Michele was diagnosed with Stage 2 Cancer. She underwent countless therapy sessions to save her life and marked her journey of hopelessness to happiness. To guide those who are wandering in the former, Michele D. Clark has launched LIFT Life Coaching Solutions.

The company shares how she has been in the trenches and came out victorious. Her “care-apy with a touch of tough love” approach has proven instrumental in motivating her clients to turn excuses into reasons to succeed and triumph over trauma and in life.

Michele D. Clark’s abilities and passion are the perfect pair for the native Detroiter Alena Zachery-Ross’s longstanding reputation and experience in the leadership and coaching industry.

A lauded figure, Alena Zachery-Ross has been in the service for 20 years – being a Superintendent of Schools, Pastor, Coach, and Consultant that has allowed her to connect to her diverse clientele. Her company, Alena Zachery Ross, LLC, was launched to assist leaders in transforming and leading their teams to success, even amid these unprecedented times.

Her impact has stretched worldwide, beginning with leadership seminars, conferences, and revivals across the nation and Africa. In her talks, she focuses on the development, team building, and group member capabilities in an informative and entertaining manner. These employ a storytelling approach in teaching the principles of leadership to leaders across cultures, classifications, and industries.

Radiating the message, “You deserve to live and lead your best life! It is possible,” Alena Zachery-Ross is a sought-after speaker and entrepreneur living in Michigan with her husband. While bringing in out-of-the-box strategies for struggling and aspiring leaders, Alena broadens her reach through Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour.

Michele D. Clark’s story and abilities paired with Alena Zachery-Ross’s skills are a heady combination and one that has proven powerful enough to reach out of the screen and touch millions of viewers. Their presence on the Leadership Experience Tour has revolutionized the standards of the speaking industry and has made the tour a raving success – evoking tears, laughter, and inspiring individuals worldwide. 

Witness these dynamic speakers on the Shawn Fair Network hosted on OnStage Plus Streaming Platform or its official website.

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