G.P. Ekpendu Explores How Music Saved and Transformed His Life Through Debut Album, “The Feelings”

G.P. Ekpendu Explores How Music Saved and Transformed His Life Through Debut Album, "The Feelings"

To be able to translate one’s personal and professional visions into reality, it is advantageous to both have adequate resources and support from friends and family. Inarguably, money and industry connections can lessen the burden aspirants face in their journey to success. Additionally, support, whether physical, emotional, or financial in nature, allows people to keep moving forward, especially amidst difficulties. 

However, the reality is, not every dreamer has the privilege of being on the receiving end of either or both of these factors. The singer-songwriter G.P. Ekpendu, in particular, was often advised against taking the steps necessary to establish his name in the music industry. Today, fueled by the desire to prove the naysayers wrong and inspire others who may be facing the same circumstances, he is going all-out in proving that he is a force to be reckoned with.

Hailing from Nigeria, this passion-driven musician moved to the United States at the age of eight. Ever since he was young, G.P. Ekpendu has always had an affinity toward music. Immersing himself in different endeavors helped transform his interest in the art into a deep-seated love. 

This independent artist from Philly entered the music world at an early age. Throughout the years after he first dipped his toes into the highly-competitive industry, he has managed to build a reputation as an immensely talented future powerhouse. Oozing with potential, G.P. Ekpendu is currently making waves in the R&B and pop scene, writing songs that speak of his personal experiences and honest perspectives about life. 

With every song release, G.P. Ekpendu succeeds in connecting with listeners worldwide. His tracks are able to resonate with countless individuals not only because they exude authenticity, but also since they are grounded in the singer’s real-life experiences.

Growing up, life was hard for G.P. Expendu. He was infamous for getting into a lot of trouble both at home and in school and this did not sit well with his African parents. What helped him barrel through what seemed to be a never-ending string of hardships was writing songs and stories and he will forever be grateful for the role music played in saving and transforming his life for the better.

Proving those who proclaimed that he will never make it anywhere wrong, G.P. Expendu takes pride in the heights he has reached so far within the music industry. He has impressed industry authorities and music enthusiasts alike for the top-notch quality of every song in his discography. This coming March 5, 2021, he will continue to turn heads with the release of his debut album titled “The Feelings.”

The highly-anticipated album, which is composed of 20 songs featuring at least fifteen different talented artists, will serve as an acknowledgment of how far G.P. Ekpendu has come and the journey he has taken toward success. Through “The Feelings,” the rising star aims to send across a powerful message of hope to listeners. 

Learn more about G.P. Expendu and his upcoming album by visiting his website.

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