Constantinos Vorrises Promotes Simplicity and Fun Through Art and Clothing Featuring Quotes

Constantinos Vorrises Promotes Simplicity and Fun Through Art and Clothing Featuring Quotes

Abstract artist Constantinos Vorrises brings his creations to fun and simple clothing designs. He uses t-shirts, hoodies, and other apparel as canvas to showcase the impact of powerful quotes on modern life.

Based in San Francisco, California, he is best known for using oil paint pens to create pattern work. Ever since he started drawing at the age of 21, Constantinos has sought to expand his creative journey. Today, almost 19 years later, he is expanding his artistry into entrepreneurship. Constantinos designs and sells t-shirts online that feature sports quotes, artist quotes, his love of food, and his Greek culture.

The artist uses acrylic paint, oil paint, pens, markers, ink, chalk, and many other materials for his mixed-medium creations. Combining control and chaos, Constantinos Vorrises’s artwork portrays the cycle of day-to-day modern living. Constantinos has observed that the world has become too serious and sensitive. He designs his t-shirts to promote simplicity and fun.

Art is universal. People can either love or hate a particular artwork, but everybody forms a reaction when presented with art. Similarly, Constantinos Vorrises has established multiple stores to appeal to everyone: the Sports Quotes Store, Artist Quotes Store, Greek to Me Store, and Love of Food Store. Together, these stores allow Constantinos to share his interests with a wider online audience.

Creating his own t-shirts is one way for Constantinos Vorrises to achieve his goal of continually growing while doing something he could relate to and have fun with. The brand is also an authentic expression of his love for quotes. Knowing the power of these statements, Constantinos has them on his phone, laptop, work cubicle, and clothing design.

With his growing platform, Constantinos Vorrises sheds light on the amount of work that goes into both artistic and business activities for those who are genuinely passionate. “If you are not an artist, you think an artist paints something in an hour and it is ready to go,” says Constantinos. He reveals that it can take him between four to five months to complete some of his artwork. Each time, Constantinos goes through a tedious process, but for him the final outcome makes it all worth it.

The same level of thought and consideration is reflected in how Constantinos Vorrises designs t-shirts. He carefully selects quotes and creates fonts to use for his products. When all the shirts, hoodies, tank tops, and other apparel are completed, he then uploads his designs on social media one at a time.

Speaking from experience, Constantinos Vorrises attests that there are many steps involved in pursuing creativity. However, passionate artists will always find joy while engaged in the process of creation. For Constantinos, success is defined not by the sales of his paintings or t-shirts, but by the commitment to take risks and share his artwork to the public.

Learn more about Constantinos Vorrises by following him on Instagram. You may also visit the Instagram pages of his Sports Quotes Store, Artist Quotes Store, Greek to Me Store, and Love of Food store for more information.

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