Her Income Party: helping small businesses grow online

Her Income Party is a company owned by Samantha Chepi who helps mostly women scale their businesses online.

Dubai, UAE – Samantha Chepi, owner of Her Income Party helps in creating marketing and selling strategies and know-how for small businesses looking to grow and optimize sales online. Her Income Party teaches people mostly women how they can grow and scale their businesses online. They mainly focus on helping beauty, fashion, and retail businesses because that is what Samantha started with and is currently doing.

The foundation of Her Income Party was built right after creating The Paper Money with her ex-husband. They created The Paper Money in 2018 and a year after Samantha decided to have something more feminine, something that spoke to women directly. From relationship issues to business issues because as a woman, both of those things affect their life one way or another which is why it is imperative to find balance.

Her Income Party as a company focuses on keeping women first. It is mainly all about celebrating women, in general, as they earn and grow hence, the name Her Income Party was decided by Samantha. The beautiful concept behind it is that it’s her party, and people are just dancing in it, hence, creative women should be celebrated for everything that they do and achieve. A significant goal behind Her Income Party is to help women realize that they set their meaning of success, and preexisting labels don’t define them. It does not matter what they have been through or what they have done, success is and always will be their birthright. Samantha as the owner of the company wants to continue teaching and making significant changes in people’s lives.

While talking about her beliefs and what Samantha loves the most about her company, this is what she states, “Nothing is more depressing than living life on other peopleʼs terms. I want to be able to help people. While people are charging hundreds of thousands, rightfully so, we aim to provide affordable services through Her Income Party. Affordable in more ways than one. The best part about this is having people talk to you and explain the impact you have in their businesses and lives and that pushes me to do better!

In a world that has given innumerable difficulties to women previously, Her Income Party wants to be a company that celebrates young women with innovative business ideas. It sees a vision of a world where women are powerful, beautiful, strong, independent, and paid for all of their efforts and hard work. This is the reason why Her Income Party is a crucial part of any small business entrepreneur so that they are able to establish their brand online and help it grow and become more successful than ever especially in terms of marketing and sales.

Media Contact
Company Name: Her Income Party
Contact Person: Samantha Chepi
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Phone: +254712445500
Address:2nd December Street, Trade Center
City: Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates
Website: https://theholidayacademy.teachable.com/