An expert of the toothpaste industry, Twice releases new study on the ingredients to avoid when choosing a toothpaste

Many people don’t look into the ingredients of a new toothpaste before purchasing, but it is very important to see what the product is made up of. In the case of toothpaste, a hygienic product that is supposed to clean the mouth and teeth, it gets very crucial to know what it is made out of. Twice realized that some toothpastes may also have a few harmful ingredients, and so, people should know what these damaging ingredients and how they affect the body.

Harrison, NY, USA – Redefining dental care and spreading smiles all across, Twice aims to provide all-natural and healthy toothpastes. That’s why Twice brings out a study that discusses some of the tooth paste ingredients to avoid when shifting to a new toothpaste. SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is one such ingredient that shouldn’t be in toothpaste. SLS creates a little foam at the expense of irritation in the mouth and gums, which can be bad. Contrary to that one good ingredient that should be in a toothpaste is Sodium Fluoride, which prevents cavities and strengthens the teeth.

Twice is a believer that everyone deserves a smile, and to have a confident smile, hygienic teeth are required. Many toothpaste manufacturing companies toss in some ingredients that may seem natural and organic, but if observed clinically, they are harmful to the mouth and teeth. An example of that would be Carrageenan, which is derived from red seaweed. It may seem to be organic and cruelty-free, but its findings came about after testing on animals in labs. Moreover, insulin resistance and glucose intolerance have been seen in mice with Carrageenan.

Triclosan, an ingredient in some major toothpastes that reduces bacteria growth, but it causes much more severe side effects. Triclosan has been linked to hormonal imbalance stemming from thyroid production and formation of resistance against antibiotics. Alcohol is another ingredient that should never find its way in a toothpaste. Alcohol dries up the mouth, and so bacteria can easily attack a dried mouth promoting plaque amongst teeth.

One common ingredient found in cosmetic products are Parabens, which are preservatives made up of chemicals and are potentially carcinogenic. In addition to that, Parabens also cause developmental and reproductive issues. Sugar is yet another damaging ingredient when it comes to toothpaste. Along with providing a sweet taste, sugar is also an enemy of the teeth and so a tradeoff should be made between sweet flavor and teeth protection.

Twice embarked on the journey to provide accessible, cleaner and vitamin-packed toothpaste in 2015, since then, the company has been dominating the industry with customer-loved products. The toothpastes made at Twice offer protection for teeth, freshness in the breath, and a good taste in the mouth. Backed by science, Twice aims to provide the ultimate wellness of mouth and a confident smile.

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