Remington Sterling announces planned acquisitions of gold mines for investment opportunities to its clientele

Remington Sterling announces planned acquisitions of gold mines for investment opportunities to its clientele

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London, UK – During periods of economic crisis, gold has proven to be a long-standing safe-haven investment vehicle. Being limited and its multifunctional use has made this precious metal a sought-after commodity through the recorded human history. Whatever form may it be — physical or paper — gold is the world’s go-to financial hedge when it comes to any economic uncertainty. Remington Sterling understands this; that’s why this commodity financial firm announces its plans of acquiring gold mines to help their clients against inflation and economic downturns.

Gold’s effectiveness as a safe-haven asset underwent a difficult test during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. Investors, traders, individuals, and even central banks took an effort in acquiring gold assets on a global scale. This resulted in consistent price volatility and confirmation of gold’s intrinsic value. Remington Sterling is at the forefront of this and plans to acquire gold mines in the future.

“In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic has presented us with an amazing opportunity to acquire existing functioning gold mines. Gold is an inflation and recession-proof asset class that has shown strong resilience during many global crises for the past century. Be it the Energy Crisis in the 70s to the Global Financial Crisis in 2008; gold always comes out the winner,” says Joseph Riley, COO of Remington Sterling.

Throughout the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, gold was a staple asset in the global financial market. More and more institutions are stockpiling gold as an insurance policy against the unknown. This is because gold is and will always be a financial safe-haven for all.

“Since last year, we are extremely bullish on gold and we have embarked on gold mine evaluations around the world. Our team of finance and geological experts has been conducting rigorous on-site tests and financial modelings to ensure the quality of gold produced is up to standard and the highest grade possible,” concludes Riley.

Remington Sterling’s first gold mine acquisition will soon be  announced in the first quarter of 2021.

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Remington Sterling is a commodity financial firm that provides financial solutions that facilitate trade and mitigate trade-related risks for companies doing business in emerging and developed markets. By tapping into its wealth of experience in the supply chain, finance, and technological expertise, Remington Sterling can cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes, improving their cash-flow and securing the debt collection both in domestic and in international markets.

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