New York Based Singer, Songwriter, Lyricist Juno Star Evokes Strong Emotions With New Release

New York, USA – When it comes to the pop world, most people would name Katy Perry or Taylor Swift as top contenders. In comes Juno Star with the bright pop sounds but the twist of a male voice. Juno Star brings a positive message to the masses encouraging people to carry on.

Those who want to have a good starting place for this type of positivity can look to the single “Bad Bitch.” This song really shows that Juno Star cares. It’s about a person who might be a hot mess but is still a person who can handle the punches that life throws at them. It’s a gender-neutral kind of message in a world where the roles are reversing and flipping.

Juno Star himself hails from New York. He has written many poignant songs such as “Love Me Touch Me” and “Toxic.” All of them have a different feel. “Love Me Touch Me” sounds like a page out of someone’s diary. Then “Toxic” comes in and shows a metal sounding side to the singer.

The lyrics are interesting but the star is also not afraid to take more of a profound, controversial stance. He is a writer as well as a singer which is clearly demonstrated in the lyrics. He stands on his own and plays by his own playbook. If it sounds good to him, it’s likely going into a song.

If you think that this type of music is different, then you are indeed right. This type of music is called Alt-Pop. It’s a new wave of sound that has emerged on the scene. There is a blend of synth and grunge elements in this genre. It’s interesting too that there would be the inspiration of the 90s’ grunge scene mixed with the knowledge of 21st-century synth.

All in all though, it generally sounds really bright and less dystopic. It really though depends on the song that you listen to because some veer to the more edgy side as well.

It’s interesting too to bring up the gender divide issues because Juno Star himself is queer. This means that he knows what it’s like to be part of a minority community. He brings his experience into the music by forging out a unique set of melodies. He knows that different can be good.

People can see the world around them changing day by day. It’s a beautiful and frightening mess which Juno Star articulates. In his new single “Bad Bitch,” he really says that it doesn’t matter if a person is messy.

It might be a new sort of theme that emerges from the chaos. All of the high expectations of the baby boomers might be fading a bit. There’s a sort of dissonant beauty to the way things are stacking up these days. Juno Star is a voice to those who might feel out of place in the new era, telling them there is a place for them indeed.



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