Malachi Makin Spreads The Unique Message Of Salvation Through Its Digital Business Platform

Malachi Makin Spreads The Unique Message Of Salvation Through Its Digital Business Platform
This firm located in Florida shares a message of hope to a seemingly lost world, whilst helping business grow and maintain large market shares through their unique business offering

Deland, Florida – January 26, 2021 – Malachi Makin, a firm with a core focus on evangelism has extended its operation to reach more business owners in the area of Florida with the message of salvation. Leveraging on its online digital presence, over the years, the firm has been able to reach thousands of people through its weekly youtube videos, and highly inspirational blog articles posts.

Malachi Makin describes their approach to ministry and business, as radical, innovative, and impact-driven. In his words, he refers to himself as an Evangelist with a fire for salvation, witnessing with power for the lord, and helping others to be effective in their ministry and business.

Malachi Makin partners with a fully accredited School of Ministry – Higher ground school of Ministry focused on training Ministers to grow spiritually, become spirit-filled, and also equip them to do the work of the Ministry, (Ephesians 4:11). The enrollment process into the ministry school is very flexible as there are no binding obligatory contracts upon registration, and this makes for genuinely grooming people with a true heart for serving the Lord.

When asked about what drives their work, Malachi Makin responded and said – “We believe there is no greater reward in heaven than to see a child of God raised up, serve the Lord and have a fruitful marriage and life on Earth.” and hence the kind of work we do. We believe that Business and money cant take people to heaven but absolutely believing in the Lord Jesus Christ’s will. And that’s why we place so much emphasis on preaching the message of salvation while also helping people excel and succeed in Business. (Matthew 6:33).

Over the years, Malachi Makin has worked with so many organizations helping them grow their business and gaining a wide market share. As an organization, they recognize that there is a world out there to save beyond the four walls of the church, and therefore, believe evangelism to reach the lost souls can also be effectively done when believers shine the light through the works of their hands.

About Malachi Makin Ministry

Malachi Makin is a Christ-centered Digital Business Development Firm that focuses on acquiring market share for the growth and development of lead generation mechanisms. The firm helps business professionals develop their systems and has worked with a vast profile of clients ranging from construction, solar, Consulting, Digital marketing companies to mention a few.

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