Divorce Rebuilders Offers The Best Divorce Support Group in Denver

Divorce Rebuilders Offers The Best Divorce Support Group in Denver

Denver, CO – The aftermath of a divorce proceeding can be harsh and demanding. Many people who have recently come out of a divorce are often lost regarding what to do and how to pick up the pieces of their lives to move on. At Divorce Rebuilders, the team understands how challenging the aftermath of a divorce can be. Therefore, the team has created a group training class that helps participants rebuild their lives after the traumatizing experience.

At Divorce Rebuilders, the team focuses on equipping participants with everything they need to embrace things’ current reality. They also give them the necessary support to piece their lives together and move on from the dark experience.

Participants in the Divorce Rebuilders classes will find that they aren’t going through the situation alone and will learn from the community the best coping mechanisms to adopt while also making new friends to help them on their journey to reclaiming their lives.

The Divorce Rebuilders classes offer a wide range of promising advantages, including support from current and past rebuilders who have gone through a similar experience, a safe space to be heard and encouraged as participants figure out the next steps to take, as well as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Participants will also enjoy a gentle-approach to effective information delivery, a chance to self-reflect and interact with a group of like-minded yet diverse people, weekly presentations, small group discussions, as well as class socialization exercises.

As part of the strategies to help participants move on, Divorce Rebuilders organizes social outings with classmates hosted by former participants and ensures that they are given the proper attention needed by expert facilitators.

Describing what more to expect, the representative for the organization said: “Divorce Rebuilders is a ten-week post-breakup life recovery class. The course is a structured curriculum with proven healing techniques, using time-tested course materials to support its participants to cultivate insights, self-empowerment, and closure on this painful transition of divorce. During the first half of the program, topics include grief and anger, and the focus for the second is on building up participants’ self-esteem, confidence, and relationship skills. Divorce Rebuilders utilizes cutting-edge neuroscience and decades of research to teach these skills effectively and by the end of the class, participants report feeling significantly better with a renewed sense of self.”

Learn more about Divorce Rebuilders by visiting 2949 Federal Blvd. Ste 203, Denver, CO, 80211, US or call (303) 900-3181. For more information, visit their website.

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