BKB Cleaning Company Announces New Pressure Cleaning Service in Parkland, FL

BKB Cleaning Company Announces New Pressure Cleaning Service in Parkland, FL
BKB Cleaning Company is the leading provider of cleaning services in Parkland, Florida. As a company that has been operational for 2 years, BKB Cleaning Company has helped many members of its community to restore shine to their properties. Focused on doing more to improve the appearance and appeal of properties, BKB Cleaning Company has announced a new service for its service area.

Parkland, FL – Parkland, Florida residents whose properties have been exposed to mold, mildew, dust, and other materials that have affected its appearance and appeal can now reach out to BKB Cleaning Company to enjoy its new pressure washing service.

With the new service, members of the community can now rest easy knowing that they can restore their properties to its pristine condition without having to break the bank.

Speaking at the announcement of the new service for its community, the representative for the cleaning company said, “BKB Cleaning Company is a roof cleaning and pressure washing services company. We are a family-owned business with many years of experience. We provide both residential and commercial pressure cleaning services. We believe in arriving on time at the customer’s home, providing extraordinary service, and leaving you happier than when we arrived. We care about our customer’s property and treat it with great care. Our cleaning process includes no pressure roof cleaning, driveway power washing, and power wash fence. We have the ability to wash with either hot water or cold water. When you wash with hot water you are able to get more dirt off than cold. We give the option to our customers as to which one they want.”

As part of the Pressure Washing Service offered by the company, customers can request soft wash services to ensure that their home walls and roof are safe for years to come.

The Pressure Cleaning service offered by the company is available for residential and commercial property owners who need patio cleaning service, window cleaning service, exterior cleaning service, roof cleaning service, and more.

Describing their pressure cleaning service, the company’s representative added, “It is a safer way of cleaning because no pressure washer is used to apply chemicals or to clean the roof or home. This helps your home and or roof stay clean and safe from damage from a pressure washer. As technology evolves, so must we. That is why we are relentless in researching and testing new ways to get house washing done better and faster. We know the last thing you want is to have someone at your home all day.”

BKB Cleaning Company is located at 6665 NW 75th Pl, Parkland, FL 33067. The company offers a fast response service and can be reached via its phone line at 954-692-3107. For more information, send an email to Info@bkbcleaning.com or visit the company’s website.


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