Plumber In DC Recommends Modern and Innovative Toilet Designs for Homes

Plumber In DC Recommends Modern and Innovative Toilet Designs for Homes
Plumber In DC is the leading plumbing company based in Washington DC that handles plumbing problems related to residential and commercial spaces. Its mission is to offer all-inclusive plumbing solutions to customers.

Plumber In DC, a top-rated plumbing company in Washington, has recommended some of the modern and innovative toilet designs for homes on their site. The company believes that these suggestions will help homeowners make the best choices when selecting their toilet designs. 

The team claims that one-piece toilets include some of the modern and innovative designs. While the majority of houses in the US have two-piece toilets, this top-rated DC plumber claims that the one-piece toilet is becoming common. The toilet is designed as a single is designed with a single unit with a tank and bowl attached. On top of that, they come with a classy sleeker appearance and take little space compared to the other type. 

The company adds that a wall mounted toilet is another innovative design that homeowners should consider. The experienced DC emergency plumber attests that the toilets are modern and impressive. That is because it’s fixed on the wall and has various designs. Besides, it saves a lot of space and offers a chic appearance to the bathroom. 

Additionally, the company points out that the pressure-assisted toilets also have innovative and modern designs. These toilets are water-efficient and eco-friendly. They use and consume little water.

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