Project X – New App on Kickstarter Brings Cosplay Fans Together

Project X is a new innovative app which hosts an online community for cosplayers. Here they can showcase their cosplay outfits, battle, earn prizes, and socialize with fellow cosplayers.

Florida-based tech firm, Beazl Games, has just launched a new app on Kickstarter which aims to build an awesome online community hub for cosplayers. Titled Project X”, the app is designed to connect cosplayers with one another, worldwide.

A first of its kind, Project X offers an exclusive opportunity to meet fellow cosplayers, duel with them, and scale up the entire cosplay community as a whole.

Developed by ardent cosplayers for fellow cosplayers, our new Project X app will enable you to experience the cosplay world like never before. It offers you a friendly welcoming hub where you can chat with, and meet up with other cosplayers, build digital cards to manifest your talents, battle others and hunt, both on the web and physically.

Whether you want to rave about the latest anime you have been binge-watching or want to share your new superhero costume with fellow cosplayers, Project X will be your ultimate online hub for sharing all these and much more with kindred cosplayers”, Peter Smith from Beazl Games.

The star of the Project X app is the cards that are offered to each user who signs up with the application. Any activity done on the cards will fetch rewards for the players.

Users will be able to carry out 4 main types of activities with their cards:

Build – Users can upload pictures of their favorite cosplay outfits to showcase their most stylish character costumes to fellow users. To make the cards more exciting and earn more rewards, users can fuse them with funky frames, improved skills, powers or props. 

All these cool items will be available on the app as limited awards, shop items or mini-game prizes.

Battle – Members can use their card decks to launch battles against other cosplayers or bots. Battles here come with a wide range of complexities and rewards. These battles can be played in both single-player or multiplayer modes.

Hunt – Project X will allow users to take part in scavenger hunts carried around special events, conventions and different social venues. Players can participate in groups or with their gang of friends. Successful hunts will be rewarded with collectables that will help to earn prizes and offer entries into Hunt Prize draws.

Meetup and Socialization – Project X extends a unique portal to organize meetups or comic con reunions, to strengthen and expand the whole cosplay community. Users will be able to host gatherings and keep track of attendees in real-time through an in-app GPS feature.

Project X is the platform that cosplayers have been waiting for, for so long. It lets you step out of your comfort zone and explore the outer world where you have a huge group of fellow cosplayers around the world. You are able to socialize, make new friends with like-minded players, and also self-promote your cosplay adventures.

Currently, we are looking forward to taking the app to the next level and bring it to the masses. This demands robust financial support. Hence, this Kickstarter campaign. Your support will enable us to bring Project X to life and create the ultimate cosplay community we have been waiting for.”

Our backers will be rewarded with a special Kickstarter discount on Project X access. Share this amazing news with your friends so that no one misses out! The bigger the community, the better.

To show your support for Project X, check us out on Kickstarter.

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