Atense Cyber Defense Announces the Launch of Equity Crowdfunding Campaign with We Funder

Atense Cyber Defense provides PC users with complete protection from all types of cyberattacks. Its patented computer vaccine does more than what firewalls, anti-virus, and anti-malware solutions are capable of.

Plano, TX, USA – January 27, 2021 – Cybercrime is a huge, growing problem. Malicious hacks, data ransoming, viruses, trojan horses, and the myriad of other kinds of malware cost hundreds of billions of dollars every year. Anti-virus software recognizes and stops most of the known malware from getting into your computer. The problem: thousands of new malware programs are released every day. Anti-virus software is a reactive solution that is always playing catch up. Once a new malware program gets past your firewall, you are vulnerable to attack. Until now. Computer Vaccine is the first cybercrime solution that defeats malware that gets past your firewall and onto your computer.

Using a patented encryption, authentication, and verification system, Computer Vaccine only allows authorized software to run. Even if malware gets onto your computer, Computer Vaccine does not permit it to execute. This is a proactive solution and a wholly different approach to cybersecurity. Other antivirus programs stand guard at the door looking for malware trying to enter. Computer Vaccine stops any malware from operating, even if it has gotten past the guard at the gate.

John Almeida, the founder and CEO of Atense Cyber Defense and creator of Computer Vaccine, was hacked in 2006 and lost enormous amounts of data, even though he had a firewall and antivirus software. Since then, he has worked passionately to create truly effective protection from malicious hackers and malware invasions – Computer Vaccine is the result and it is protected with eight US patents and additional patents pending in the US and around the globe. Atense Computer Vaccine is a truly disruptive solution for fighting cybercrime and the first proactive solution that stops malware without knowing anything about any of them.

“Don’t let happen to you what happened to me. We have a working prototype and we’re seeking funding to finalize the software and bring it to market. Help us and you’ll help protect individuals, families, businesses and communities around the globe with a low-cost, effective solution to fight cybercrime.” – John Almeida.

Anyone can invest in our crowdfunding campaign and own a piece of Atense. Join forces with us and together we’ll make the cyberworld secure for everyone. Check us out at

Company and contact information are available at Atense Cyber Defense.

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